Terrible Side Effects Of Wearing Spandex!


Check out the terrible side effects of wearing spandex!

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‘Spandex’- the word is synonymous with elasticity! You would find in most of your clothes a certain percentage of this fabric. It is a synthetic fabric having a plastic base. It has become popular not just because it is cheap and easily available but because it has a smooth finish and is pretty stretchable. The material is usually used to make shorts, leggings, tights, shirts and undergarments too. If you are a spandex person, please have a look at the terrible side effects of wearing spandex.


1) Spandex triggers allergies

Humidity levels are usually high in India and wearing spandex regularly can make your skin prone to allergens. Since spandex does not have the ability to absorb sweat, it gets trapped and this aids the penetration of allergens in the skin. Spandex is similar to plastic and the manufacturing process involves addition of toxic chemicals. As soon as you begin sweating while wearing spandex, the dyes and formaldehyde present in it release chemicals and cause allergies.

2) Spandex causes bacterial or fungal skin disorders

The inability of spandex to soak in sweat can make your skin a perfect breeding ground for bacterial and fungal infections. One of the most common skin disorder caused by spandex is ringworm. In this skin condition, the skin gets inflamed and red rings are formed with pigmentation in the centre. It seems hideous and is accompanied by severe itching too. Bacterial infections like impetigo and folliculitis are also quite common among those who wear spandex every day. Impetigo is a condition in which blisters and sores develop in different parts of the body. It is contagious too! The worst part is that these skin infections can keep reoccurring and would need medical intervention. You would need to use anti-bacterial and anti-fungal creams and in severe cases even steroids! Now, why should you risk the health of your skin? All the trouble can be avoided if you don’t wear spandex in the first place.

3) Spandex causes yeast infections

If you happen to be wearing spandex underwear, please shift to cotton as soon as you can. As this material does not let the skin breathe, you are more prone to yeast infections. You can get vaginal yeast infections if you don’t stop wearing spandex underwear. Even men can get affected in summers.

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Apart from the above 3 health effects, spandex has another shortcoming and that is a short shelf life. Clothes made up of spandex become shapeless and loose after a few washes. Moreover, these garments require more care while washing.

I am sure that after reading how badly your skin can get affected by spandex, you would stay away from it. The best way to avoid skin problems is to stick to cotton clothes as they let your skin breathe and at the same time absorb sweat. Indians have been wearing cotton since time immemorial. There is no doubt that spandex leggings and tights give an awesome look but the health of your skin comes first. Unlike Western countries you perspire a lot in India and this is the basis of all the trouble that synthetic fabrics cause.

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