9 Common Signs Of Junk Food Addiction

Stress and Weight Gain

Signs Of Junk Food Addiction

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Do you eat to live or live to eat? Food has turned into an object of desire these days rather than being a basic necessity. Some people have become addicted to junk food. Read on to find out more about it.

What is junk food addiction?

Binge eating and 11 tips to overcome it

Do you always crave for junk food and consume it on a regular basis? Want to quit but can’t? This means that you are addicted to junk food and are not aware of it. Addiction of junk food is a compulsive urge to eat junk food which is not in your control. It can cause trouble for you and your loved ones.

Here are the tell-tale signs of junk food addiction

Sadly there are no tests to find out whether you have a food addiction. All you can do is look out for the tell-tale signs. If you are able to relate to the symptoms mentioned below, then it is most likely that you are junk food addict.

1) Significant increase in consumption of food

When you sit down to analyze you find that you are consuming way more amount of food than you used to. Both your portion size and frequency of eating have increased.

2) You are preoccupied with food

You life has started revolving around food and a lot of time is spent in purchasing or obtaining the junk food you love.

3) You intentionally over eat

After a filling meal, do you crave for something sweet? Wanting to eat when you are hungry is commonplace and even yearning for a treat post a healthy meal once in a while is normal but if this is becoming a habit, you need to watch out!

4) You cannot stick to moderation

You give into to your craving but say that it will be just a bite. Exercising moderation is a good habit, a little bite won’t affect you but the real problem arises when you end up binge eating. Does this situation occur often? It means you are addicted.

overeating weight loss

5) You feel guilty

After turning what was initially a single bite into a whole meal, you feel guilty. You feel sorry that you don’t have the willpower to stop yourself. You promise to yourself that you won’t repeat it but it is happening every single time. It turns into a vicious cycle.

6) Eating when depressed or upset

When you have an emotional turmoil in front of you, you try to eat the food you like to make yourself feel better. You eat not to fill your stomach but to fill the emotional voids.

7) You have withdrawal symptoms

When junk food isn’t available you experience physiological or psychological withdrawal symptoms that are similar to the ones drug addicts experience.

8) Constant unsuccessful attempts to reduce and quit

You want to quit junk food eating and have also set rules for it but you fail each time. You are unable to curb the cravings even after trying hard. Even after knowing that junk foods cause health problems like diabetes, heart disease and obesity, you simply can’t avoid it. This is something serious.

9) You hide your addiction from people

You are not able to control your addiction so you start hiding it from people around you. You even go ahead and hide all the proofs of the fact that you have been binging on a food.

Junk food addiction should not be taken lightly!

Hope you found this post on Signs Of Junk Food Addiction useful!

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