Silk Pillowcase to Reduce Skin Wrinkles


Silk Pillowcase to Reduce Skin Wrinkles

You might have heard it people asking to sleep on silk pillowcase to reduce wrinkles. Since quite many years, various studies have proven that there are many skin and hair benefits of sleeping on silk pillowcase especially to prevent wrinkles on the face. Silk is a natural fabric and is not at all manmade. It is woven very tightly due to which it keeps the moisture in our skin instead of stripping it out, and as a result of which skin hydration and its health is well maintained. It also doesn’t cause much irritation if you compare it with other synthetic fabrics. It provides long-term results such as better luminosity, better skin health, reduced wrinkles, etc. Moreover, silk symbolizes luxury. Who doesn’t love to sleep on a silk linen and pillow case instead of any other fabric such as cotton? Let us discuss the benefits of sleeping on silk pillowcase in detail.

Silk Pillowcase to Prevent Wrinkles
Silk Pillowcase to Prevent Wrinkles


1. For a Healthy Facial Skin:

Throughout the day if you observe your pillowcase fabric is the one which stays the most in contact with your face. So, it becomes very important to choose a pillowcase with utmost care. Silk pillowcase keeps face fresh, health and always glowing.

2. Retains Moisture:

Silk is tightly woven and is a natural fabric. It can keep your face moisture right on your face without absorbing it; thus helps you retain your face moisture.

3. It is Hypoallergenic Naturally:

Silk is naturally hypoallergenic. It can resist many things our skin hates such as dust mites, molds, fungus and many allergens. This is what our skin wants, doesn’t it?

Silk Pillowcase to Prevent Wrinkles
Silk Pillowcase to Prevent Wrinkles

4. Prevents and Reduces Wrinkles:

Silk is very much known to prevent wrinkles better than any other fabric. If you are using cotton, then it can do the opposite. It can be harsh on your skin but silk with regular usage can reduce the wrinkles.

5. No More Hair Problems and Bed Head:

Every morning when you look at yourself in the mirror, you wish to see your perfect hair instead of bed head. If so, then silk can help you in this case. Moreover silk doesn’t support hair fall and split ends much while cotton encourages the same.

Choosing The Right Fabric:

There are few types of silk to choose from. The best of them is the 100% long strand mulberry silk which comes from silkworms that consume food from mulberry leaves. This silk is much durable than the other types of silk and it is also known as Tussar or Habotai. There are many types of weaving the silk among which charmeuse is the best. It is from the traditional looms. We count it as momme which equals the weight of 100 yards of 45” material and the ideal one is 22 momme which is heavier than the other types.

Silk Pillowcase to Prevent Wrinkles
Tussar Silk

How to take Care of Silk Pillowcases:

It is a machine washable fabric. You can use a gentle setting, lingerie soap and tumble dry them over low heat for about 20 minutes. Let the pillowcase dry itself own naturally. You need not iron them as well.

Silk pillowcases are absolutely sustainable and are obviously our planet friendly compared to any other fabric. Silk symbolizes luxury and health at the same time. In such case, why shouldn’t we opt them over any other fabric for our bed? We recommend using this fabric not only to the pillowcases but also the bed linen.

Hope you will soon start using silk pillowcase to reduce skin wrinkles.

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