Silva Method Of Meditation For Well Being


Silva Method Of Meditation For Well Being

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When it comes to self healing, meditation is the best option. Time and again people are asked to connect with their inner self through meditation. The mind has the potential to heal one’s body if the right method is known.

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The Silva method of meditation involves a step-by-step process to train the mind in such a manner that using the mind for physical healing becomes natural for an individual. It helps one in achieving his/her goals in life by tapping one’s real potential. This method of meditation improves positive thinking and a person’s self image.

The Silva method came into being in the 1960s with Jose Silva being the man behind it. This self help program is offered in more than 129 countries in the form of seminars. Let us get to know more about Silva meditation.

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About the 3 step scientific approach

According to Jose Silva ninety percent of all the illnesses are caused by the mind. So, the logic is that if most health troubles are caused by the mind, they can be reversed by the mind also.

The three pillars of Silva method include the following:

Pillar 1: Alpha and theta levels of the mind

Scientifically speaking, when a person meditates, his/her brain wave frequency is reduced to Alpha or Theta levels. (Where alpha and theta are brain wave levels) People who are in Alpha and Theta levels are able to help their mind and body to heal. In this state, cells repair themselves, stress melts off, immunity increases and in some cases the physical symptoms of illness are known to reduce.

The natural capacity of the mind to heal the body is awakened in this method of meditation. There is a rewiring done in the mind to set things right. Negative thoughts are changed to positive thoughts. One can also overcome unhealthy habits like smoking and consuming alcohol. Moreover, it can make you eat healthy too!

Pillar 2: To utilize the power of healing imagery

Healing imagery or visualization is all about visualizing the ultimate result of your goal when you in the Alpha or Theta level of mind. For several decades creative visualization has been around and is known to be beneficial too.

The main rule to be followed while doing visualization is that it has to be done in the present tense. For instance, if you want get rid of a particular illness you are suffering with, you should make yourself feel as if it happening in the present moment and not in the future. You need to feel the happiness of being free of the illness rather than having a desire of being free of it sometime later.

Pillar 3: DBE thought process

Any health related goal can be achieved only when you are able to condition your mind for 3 things which are:

  1. Desire- for your goal
  2. Belief- that achieving the goal is possible
  3. Expect- that the goal will be achieved

This process is called Desire-Belief-Expectancy or D-B-E. It requires a lot of control over the subconscious mind in order to master it. It may seem simple at the surface but is actually quite complex.

The logic behind D-B-E is the ‘placebo effect’. Placebo effect is the phenomenon in which a mere belief of getting cured can trigger self-healing in a patient. The placebo effect is so powerful that all the drugs that have to be introduced to the public should be tested against a placebo!

The Silva method of meditation can be compared to advanced yoga too. This meditation can help in deep relaxation; help cure insomnia and many more illnesses. However, one can’t use such techniques to completely replace the doctor’s advice.

Willing to try Silva Method Of Meditation For Well Being?

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