Simple Quick Gluten Free Cake Recipe


Simple Quick Gluten Free Cake Recipe

Hi my dear ones,

I will share this yummiest cake ever without you having to worry about carbs. This is basically a gluten free cake; it is not at all tasteless. There is no compromise of taste, but it is only tastier. I won’t say that its entirely low fat or guilt free, but you can have it when you are particularly craving for something sweet and gooey.

I first had this cake in Liverpool and I just loved it, then I decided to give it a try at home, why not! After all way to a man’s heart is through is stomach.

So here is the stuff you need to make this carb-free cake:

gluten free cake slice


  • Dark chocolate- 180 gms

  • Butter 200 gms

  • Eggs -3

  • Half cup sugar- castor/granulated

  • Almonds, if you prefer.


I would follow the method to make as it is, as it works well for me.

  • Pre heat your over to 180 degrees.

  • Meanwhile melt chocolate and butter in a pan over boiling water.

  • Separate egg white and egg yolk, whisk egg whites till it becomes foamy (I used the electric whisker).

  • Add the chocolate mix in the egg white slowly; mix in the egg yolks along with the sugar.

  • Merge everything nicely and slowly.

  • Grease a spring form or a normal cake tin and pour in the cake mix and sprinkle the roasted chopped almonds and bake for about 20 minutes.

  • To check if your cake is done, insert a toothpick to check if it comes out clean it means that the cake is done.

  • Serve with raspberries, I even drizzle some chocolate sauce made with melted dark chocolate.

gluten free cake

The cake stays fresh for up to 5 days, I usually gobble a piece after my work out and husband dear loves it when I freshly bake stuff for him 🙂

I hope you guys would try it soon, do remember this is no guilt free cake, but you can enjoy something home made with less preservatives.

If you have any questions, pop them here in the comments and I would be happy to help.

Love to all.

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