Simple Tricks to Make Yourself Sleep


Simple Tricks to Make Yourself Sleep

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Insomnia is something that is very common in today’s tiring and exhaustive world. There are millions of cases of sleeplessness or insomnia almost throughout the world. And people spend a lot of money trying to get a little sleep at night. This post delves into some easy ways in which you can get full share of the sleep you deserve.

Simple Tricks to Make Yourself Sleep

It is a well known fact that warm bath and hot milk plays a vital role in getting sleep. However, these tricks do not work all the time. You can use the natural tips given below to experience a great slumber time.

Relaxation through Squeezing:

At times, you can use muscle relaxation as a means for sleep preparation. For this, you will have to lie facing the wall and then start breathing slowly using the nose. Simultaneously have your toes squeezed curling them right underneath the foot. After some time, cease the squeezing. After this, start with your slow breathing again, curling each foot up to the knee. Release the squeezing. Repeat this process and have the squeezing released again. Next, breathe in and have the calf muscles contracted first followed by the thighs, belly, buttock, arms and chest till such time you reach up and all muscles are released. After the entire process is over you will have steady breathing and be prepared for sleeping.

Working On the Left Nostril:

As an effective yoga method, this trick helps you to de-stress your body by bringing down your blood pressure. The right way to get on with this method is by lying on the left side of your body followed by resting your finger on the right nostril, blocking the passage of air flow. Next, you will have to take in deep breaths slowly using your left nostril. The technique works well with hot flushes during menopause or overheating when you suffer with lack of sleep.

Rethink Your Day:

Take time to rethink of your day’s event, going backwards in events that occurred all through the day. Steer clear of negative or stressful thoughts. Rethink about all sounds, conversations and sights that you experienced. It will help you get mentally prepared for sleeping.

Try to Stay Awake:

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Consider keeping yourself awake and the mind will be rebelling against this idea. It is a phenomenon known as ‘sleep paradox’. Try to keep the eyes from shutting down and keep telling yourself that you will not go to sleep. It is the human brain’s tendency to not entertain ‘negativity’ very well. Thus, your brain will take the interpretation as instruction for sleeping and then your eye muscles get tired with sleep getting the better part of you.

Humming a Tune Might Work:

Try to sit relaxed and comfortably. Now, have your eyes closed and your jaws relaxed with the shoulders dropped and the mouth closed gently. Use your nose to breathe very deeply till such time you feel comfortable and let your abdomen rise, not your chest. Gently breathe through the mouth and hum using the lips. It would be best if you could breathe all through the exhalation time. You can feel the chest vibrating. Keep your entire focus on the ‘vibration’ for six complete breaths and then relax for some time. You will need to feel prepared for sleeping after which you can straight away lie on your bed.

Give Wings To Your Imagination:

For ‘visualisation meditation’ to work effectively you will have to focus on three of your senses. You can think of happy times or places like sun bathing on a tropical beach or walking in fields. In your imagination you can add senses of smelling the fresh air or flowers or feeling the sand or grass beneath the feet or listening to the sound of the wind or the water. As soon as you start feeling relaxed, you will enter into the world of sleep.

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All these tricks described above have proven to be effective in imbibing sleep at night time. Surely, one or more methods will be helpful in your case.

Are you going to try these Simple Tricks to Make Yourself Sleep?

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