Simplest Roasted Eggs Recipe – Low Carb Egg Recipe India

roasted eggs recipes

Hi everyone!

I try to include eggs everyday in my diet but sometimes it gets really boring . Today  I  tried out these roasted eggs and they turned out really tasty.Only problem which I came across was while roasting them. I realized that my oil started foaming. If your oil starts foaming up then it means that it is past its prime and shouldn’t be used…But ya! you can still have it. It won’t make you sick or anything. It’s just that the taste gets sort of burnt. Although my roasted eggs tasted damn tasty and so I had to share my recipe with you guys.


roasted eggs recipes



Simplest Roasted Eggs Recipe:-

  • Boiled eggs- 2 (cut in halves)
  • Turmeric powder- a pinch
  • Cumin seeds– a pinch
  • Fenugreek (methi) powder- a pinch
  • Coriander powder- a pinch
  • Red chilli powder- as per taste
  • Salt- as per taste
  • Oil- 2-3 tsp.


Recipe:- Simplest Roasted Eggs Recipe:-

  • Heat a flat pan and put some oil on it.
  • Add in all the spices.
  • Place the eggs, cut-side down on the pan and cook for 3-4 minutes.
  • Flip them and cook from the other side for a minute or so.

Yummy and quick roasted eggs are ready. Take them off flame and enjoy!


Have you tried egg roast ?

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