Skating-Fun Way To Shed Extra Pounds


Skating-Fun Way To Shed Extra Pounds

Do not tense yourself with the thought of hard core exercises. Your weight is never a hindrance to enjoy your life. The main thing is to stay healthy and fit. Weight losing is not all about those machines, a daily trip to the gym and crash diets. Your love for skating can be a real beneficial way to lose weight. Try the unique sport to lose around 150lb. Adopting this workout routine of 20 minutes every day, for just three months can help you out tremendously. The steps followed in the right way will help you get your dream figure.

Plan the weight loss goal

You have to plan the schedule depending upon the weight you want to lose. You have to also determine the days within which you want to achieve it. To lose 1 lb. weight needs to burn 3500 calories. Either you need to burn the calories or restrict yourself from taking in 3500 calories. If one wishes to lose 20lbs in three months one needs to plan 770 calories per day. If you want to lose it early you need to lose more per day. Planning is thus vital before you start the workout routine.

Divide your routine

Make a routine of time you want to invest. If you are not favouring high seat work schedule go for a short time. Engage yourself in skating less and concentrate more on diet. If you are a foodie then the skating time should be more. The less you skate the more you have to cut out more from diet or the vice versa.

Have the right accessories

skating kit
If it’s first time, make it sure you are completely guarded and under proper supervision. A good pair of roller skater is the basic necessity. A costly pair of rollers might motivate you to practice it. Do not leave hope if you fail for the first time. Enjoy it. There are chances of falling if you are a beginner. Do not avoid the helmet. A set of elbow and knee pads come with the skating kit to protect you from bruises all over your body. Make sure that you use them.

The venue

skating rink
Choosing the right place is a necessity. Skating needs a smooth surface and the area should be big enough to slide. Bumps on the track can slow you down or trip you to the ground. A sudden fall from a motion can cause serious injury indeed. The material of the ground on which you are skating should be free of gravel. Avoid places that are crowded. If it is convenient try skating at night.


skating music

Make the routine fun by adding little changes. Do not change the time of skating. Try to be regular. This will help you lose your weight easily. Try to take a friend along with you for company or plug in your favourite music and move along the beats.

Weigh to keep record

How To Track Weight Loss Progress weighing scale
Have a proper record of the weight you are losing every day. If you feel the time you have set is not adequate make sure to increase it. Start with less time and as you get used to it, increase the duration of skating. If you see the results in hand you will get motivated to work more. Read weighing scale review here:

Do you feel that Skating is a fun way to shed extra pounds?

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