Skin Care During Weight Loss

Skin Care During Weight Loss

Skin Care During Weight Loss

There are many followers of our blog who complain that while they try to lose weight the first thing that gets affected is their skin. So we decided to discuss today how we can take care of our skin during weight loss. All these tricks and tips are based on my personal weight loss experience.

Skin Care during Weight Loss; Tips and Tricks

  1. Drink water as if there is no tomorrow. Keep yourself hydrated the entire day. During workout too, don’t skip the water. Since my fat intake is low, I don’t get enough moisture and my skin behaves drier than usual, I have increased my water intake.
  2. Use a good body lotion. If you have dry skin, your skin might flake. The best lotion for dry skin is coconut oil. Natural products are any day better than fancy lotions with chemicals.
  3. Sweat like a pig :D. Exercise increases blood circulation and flushes toxins out giving you beautiful and glowing skin.
  4. Loose skin can be an issue as your skin may become loose after you have lost weight. The measures to handle this problem are given here.
  5. Scrub more often. It helps in skin regeneration and exfoliation too.
  6. Massages are your gateway to heaven. These will help you to tone more. I don’t think there is a need to express how relaxed you feel after a nice massage.
  7. DON’T punish your skin by smoking and drinking alcohol. You can relish red wine once in a while.
  8. Increase your Vitamin C intake. Try to increase citrus fruits in the form of snacks and salad seasonings.
  9. Eggs are great for skin tightening. When you are about to prepare an egg dish, pour a little on your palm and apply it on your face once in a while :). I wish they did not stink so much, phew!
  10. Follow CTM routine religiously. A CTM routine means Cleansing, Toning, and Moisturising.  The most simplified yet effective regimen can be washing your face with a cleanser to remove dirt and impurities, followed by toning to adjust the skin to the natural pH level.
  11. Use a little Desi Ghee in your food. Low fat intake can cause you cramping sometimes. Good fats are essential to burn fat in your body. Include a glass of milk in your diet.
  12. Please take bath after workout, even if you did not sweat! Don’t kill me for mentioning this 😛
  13. Use clean activewear for workouts instead of the previous day’s stinky ones.
  14. Follow Body Brushing before taking bath. Use body brush on your bare skin to detoxify.
  15. Omega 3 supplements are a must for hair and skin during weight loss.
  16. Hot water baths can soothe your soreness and help you relax.
  17. Facials would the much-needed for getting back the glow on your face. Visit your favorite salon every month for a facial. Your skin gets tortured while following a diet regime.
  18. Snack on almonds and walnuts without fail.

Now on a very serious note, don’t laugh at my piccys :). Although I don’t wear makeup daily I had to gather the courage to share my bare face closeup piccys. I am not wearing anything on my face in these pics, not even lip balm or moisturizer. P. S – No photoshop used 😛

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I think I need to act on my dark circles soon. Oooh God!

I hope these tips would help you deal with skin issues during the long and tiring weight loss journey. Keep going!

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  1. Congoooooooo for 100 posts…its been an amazing journey…One more tip is to have loads of green lie magic for the skin 🙂

  2. Congo on your century :), your skin is glowing, thanx for such a great post. And can you do a post on all the supplements you are taking for skin, hair, weightloss as even I am taking a few and would like to try better options. As far as dark circles go I just developed them recently and they are horrible cannot skip a concealer, they are a cause of anemia, I am still working on it.

  3. Sure Dhaara, I would do that soon. My anemia is under control My dark circles are a result of using computer14-16 hours a day 🙁

  4. Hi darling, Use aroma magic almond under eye cream!!! And you are glowing. Love the tips. Eat one spoon of ghee or cow cheese? tiny bit 😉


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