Skinny Genes-Why Some People Are So Thin?


Skinny Genes-Why Some People Are So Thin?Skinny Genes-Why Some People Are So Thin

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There is always a person around you at office or at college who eats everything in the world and is still skinny!! I know you must be extremely jealous of this person who happens to be slim and trim without working out or eating clean. And look at yourself, you are toiling day in and day out to look slim and fit.

skinny genes

The difference between you and that girl or boy may lie in the genes. Now you must be thinking why you don’t have that gene in you!! Think before you envy as having the skinny gene is not as desirable as it sounds.

What are genes?

First let us brush up the background a bit. Genes are parts of DNA that instruct cells, proteins and other molecules to carry out all the important tasks in your body, right from carrying oxygen through the blood to assisting the digestion of the cookie you had!

All humans have the same sets of genes. Do you know that you share 99.9% of your genetic makeup with other humans on this planet? However, slight variations in genes influence the difference in the colour of our hair, our chances of getting certain diseases and also the ease with which we gain or lose weight.

The BMI connection of genes


The variation in genes linked to BMI (Body Mass Index) can make a person extremely thin or obese. Recently, researchers have found at least 52 genes that happen to relate to regulation of body weight. In one study done in UK, it was found that a variation in one particular gene IRS1 is linked with a low percentage of body fat.

For this study, the researchers had analyzed the DNA of more than 75,000 people and they are currently working on more people, increasing their sample size to 3,00,000. They feel that new studies in this line will reveal more about BMI-related genes.

Grass is greener on the other side!

People who have been struggling for years with their weight might find having skinny genes very enticing! It only sounds good. Being thin does not mean being healthy always! People with the gene variation might be having lower body fat but studies show that they have high levels of blood sugar and cholesterol. Further deep study found that IRS1 variants had lower subcutaneous fat that lies under the skin but they had higher levels of fat around their organs. This fat is called visceral fat. People with the lean variation of the gene, men in particular have the risk of disease like heart disease and type 2 diabetes that are usually associated with overweight people.

A researcher said that the outcome of the study is rather unexpected. Usually, genes that lower fat percentage would also lower the risk of diseases because being slim is typically healthy. This particular gene shows an opposite pattern.

Being extremely thin or extremely fat

inspire yourself for weight loss thin women

Some people are extremely thin and some are extremely obese; all this is attributed to genes and genetic mutations. There is a whole lot of genetics behind it and I am not getting much into that! 😛 You see you get two copies of all genes- one from your mom and one from your dad but at times genetic mutations delete a gene or make several copies of it. In a study it was found that an extra copy of a particular gene can lead to extreme thinness whereas deletion of the gene can increase the risk of obesity.

This was just the tip of the ice berg, there is a huge ocean out there when it comes to genes!

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