Why Skipping Breakfast Is Bad For You?


Why Skipping Breakfast Is Bad For You?


Hello All!!!

Eat breakfast like a king! Breakfast is the most important meal of the day! Don’t skip breakfast! Etc etc!

You would have spent almost your complete school life and college life listening to the above from your parents. Must have sounded annoying to you when you are already running late but it is a fact and has been known for ages. Still we are not ready to pay heed to it. Scientific evidence about the same has come to the limelight only recently. So, this post is a wake-up call for all those who are still into the terrible habit of not eating breakfast.


The side effects of skipping breakfast negatively affect weight, memory, hormonal health, mood and cognition.

  1. Obesity

Obesity and the related complications like heart disease, infertility, diabetes are the biggest health issues of the 21st century. Skipping breakfast increases the risk of obesity and makes weight loss more difficult. If you happen to eat breakfast there are less chances of overeating throughout the rest of the day. As you are fasting overnight when you are asleep, skipping breakfast adds on more hours to this fasting period and can disrupt the balance of blood sugar and the insulin output. You may also trigger bad habits by skipping breakfast. You might land up eating quick fix fast foods later in the day due to your cravings. When you eat breakfast, it boosts your metabolism and increases your energy throughout the day.

  1. Irregular periods

College students usually have this habit of skipping breakfast. In a survey study it was found that female college students who regularly skipped breakfast had to face more menstrual irregularities than their counterparts who had a regular breakfast. The breakfast skippers faced pain during periods and irregular menses. However, no difference was found in premenstrual syndrome or PMS . Apart from menstrual trouble they also face constipation. Girls of college going age undergo “post-adolescent maturation” and this growing stage can get affected by skipping breakfast.

  1. Lowered cognition

Skipping breakfast is really bad for school children. I remember back in school my teacher used to ask the class whether they had breakfast or not. Some would stand up and say that they didn’t. When asked why, they would say that they were not having time. I remember the teachers remark- ‘Are you the prime minister by any chance?’ 😛

Lack of breakfast negatively affects the problem solving ability of children. It is known that students who consume their breakfast each morning score more in tests and are less absent from school!

  1. Results in a bad mood

A large part of the world’s population is categorized as ‘moody morning people’. Are you one of them? A moody temperament seems to get improved when you have breakfast. In a survey it was noted that 26% of the people had large improvements in mood when they started making changes in their diet like having breakfast regularly.

  1. Side effects of skipping breakfast

Not eating breakfast can increase the risk of low blood sugar that can cause dizziness, shakiness, weakness, headaches and rapid heart rate. Skipping breakfast is not a good idea after all!!

Hope after reading this you will not skip your breakfast!

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