Why Skipping Meals A Big No For Weight Loss?


Skipping Meals A Big No For Weight Loss

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It seems in current years being busy has become the rule rather than the exception. You have that strong urge to excel in what so ever you do. You commit to things and try to work harder and harder which results in negligence of your health. You skip meals trying to fit into demanding role whether you are full time worker or a mother looking after the toddler. Some people think that skipping meals is good for them as they tend to consume less calories but it is not true. Skipping meals can lead to negative health effects instead of positive one.

skipping meals a big no for weight loss


In order to prove the effects of skipping meals the research was conducted by Aarhus University Hospital in Denmark examined the muscles of eight healthy men before and after a 72-hour fast. After skipping meals for three days, the men experienced a 50% reduction in mTOR activity, a key regulator of muscle cell growth. In simple language, when mTOR drops, muscle wasting speeds up. That may sounds like a bad thing, but, oddly, there’s evidence from rodent studies that blocking mTOR activity triggers “cell survival responses” that can actually extend the life.


Even if you’re young and healthy, skipping meals for any extended period of time could lead to the type of weakness as seen among older or sick adults. There are numerous researches showing that missing meals will further speed up muscle loss and weakness among the sick and the elderly—groups that already have a hard time holding onto skeletal muscle. When you skip meals it means that your body will have no new supplies of carbs, protein and minerals/vitamins (only the little amount of vitamin you get from drinking water). The avoiding meals tendency technically begins chemically when the body has used up all the available energy in the food and begins turning to the carbohydrate stores in the body (the fat stores).

However it’s essential to recognize that your body will eventually run out of these stores too, and that means it needs to look elsewhere for energy to perform just the most primary tasks like breathing and walking. After the carbohydrate stores have been used up the body will then move onto protein stores – meaning the muscles and eventually organs. At this point a person is technically starving.

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The very important thing to understand here is when you skip meals you force your body to start looking elsewhere for fat and to begin becoming more efficient in its use of the energy you do at that particular moment. This can result in some health benefits such as improved mitochondrial function and weight loss. However at the same time it also means that your body will be without various essential nutrients for at least a short amount of time and this can cause some damage. The effects on the metabolism are uncertain and it could have either positive or negative effects on weight loss in the long term.

Your muscles are your strength. They allow you to hold up your head and have desired movement of your body. For many adults particularly older and people suffering from illness, losing muscle is a daily battle. Research thus explains that skipping meals can speed up muscle loss. So it is very clear that if you want to lose weight then skipping meals is a big no no.

 Do you think skipping meals for weight loss is a big no?

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