Sleep Affects Memory-The Surprising Truth!

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Sleep Affects Memory-The Surprising Truth!

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When you meet someone for the second time, do you find remembering their names difficult? This is a very common problem. But what is surprising is that those who sleep for eight hours after seeing the faces for the first time are better at remembering the names and faces later. This has been found out by a new research.

The researchers of the study say that they found that when the participants were allowed to get a good night’s sleep, their ability to identify the name associated with a face correctly improved significantly and so did the confidence in their answers.

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The participants of the study were tested in a controlled environment. They were asked to look at 20 photos of faces with corresponding names from a collection of 600 photos of adult faces and memorize them. After 12 hours, they were shown the photos again with an incorrect or correct name. Along with answering whether the name and face matched, the participants were also asked to rate their confidence level on the scale of 1 to 9. When allowed to sleep for solid 8 hours, it was noted that the participants matched faces and names 12% better.

Sleep is vital for learning new information

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The findings of this study all point to one direction and that is, if you sleep after learning something new, it can help in improving your memory. While the study mentioned here was carried out on healthy individuals in their 20s, the team of researchers wants to explore the affect of sleep on memory on people of all age groups including senior citizens.

Sleep is essential for learning any kind of new information. As people age, there are more chances of them to get sleep disruptions and sleep disorders that in turn can lead to memory issues. When sleep issues are addressed, we may actually be able to improve to learning ability of people of different ages.

My personal experience!

So, that was what the study has to say. But have you ever noticed that when you sleep over a problem you get a solution to it. It is as if your brain really works hard while you are asleep to solve the problem. Let me share with one instance when I had borrowed a friend’s pen drive back in school. Let me tell you it was costly back then! I thought I had returned it but to my dismay it was lost! She couldn’t find it anywhere. I knew that I had misplaced it somewhere. I checked my bag again and again but to no avail. So, I reached home from school and was upset but went off to sleep. In my dreams I could see my hand moving over to my friend’s bag and putting the pen drive in the first zip. I woke up at 6:00 am and called up my friend and told her to check her bag’s first zip. Voila! There it was! This isn’t any kind of research but my personal experience and yes, I slept for 8 hours that night.

When you try hard to recollect something try sleeping for a while, it will be of help. I have known to even be able to solve some of my problems after a good nights’ sleep. So, I guess you shouldn’t compromise on sleep at any cost!

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