6 Tips To Sleep Better During Summer


Sleep Better During Summer With These 6 Tips

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There is nothing like a good night’s sleep. It rejuvenates you from within after a day full of activity. It is a great feeling to wake up refreshed the next day. However, the climate can play spoilsport. Summers are here and you are going to be tossing and turning in bed due to the heat and humidity. There are chances that you will be up at night! You can’t do anything about the climate, so, here are some tips to help you sleep better during summer.

1) Drink herbal tea

green herbal tea

The hot climate can make one reach out for some chilled beer. This is a bad idea as drinking beer or any other alcoholic drink late at night can disrupt your sleep. If you want to quench your thirst you can go in for a tea. I know I know! It is hot so have an iced tea, preferably chamomile as it will also promote sleep due to its sedative effects. By avoiding alcohol you are doing a favour to your body. Read the benefits of giving up alcohol here!

2) Avoid late night cravings

The heat may prod you cool yourself down with an ice-cream. Sounds like an easy way to bring down the heat after dinner. But having rich ice creams close to dinner can have an effect on your digestive system and make you feel uncomfortable during your sleep.

3) Drink lots of water


When you don’t drink enough water the whole day, it can make you feel tired and affect your sleep. Summers are the time when you need more water. So, make sure that you sip enough water at least half an hour before going to sleep. This will help your digestive system too. However, drinking too much water at bedtime can disrupt sleep as you will have to make washroom visits in the middle of the night.

4) Before sleeping stretch well

Stretching before going to sleep can help in releasing tension from most parts of your body. It will help in cooling you down and will promote good sleep. If you are not into stretching, you better start doing it from tonight. Don’t forget to thank me when to fall asleep in no time!

5) Take a shower


The high temperature can be unbearable at times. It would be a good idea to take a refreshingly cold bath before going to bed. Just stand below the shower and let the cold water drench you completely. You will get sound sleep if you do so. If you happen to be outdoors in the scorching heat whole day, you might suffer from sunburns. Try applying aloe vera lotion to soothe the sunburnt area.

6) Use the air conditioner

The air conditioner seems to be the last resort when you feel hot. Even if you open the windows, sometimes there isn’t any cool breeze outside. To get sound sleep you need a cool room and a cozy bed. So, use the ceiling fan and AC to keep the heat down.

Enjoy the summers and take good care of yourself at the same time.

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