Is It Good To Sleep In The Afternoon?


Is It Good To Sleep In The Afternoon? Find out!

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Are you someone who loves to take a nap during the day? It can actually be good for your health. Yes, it has its benefits. Many people who treat themselves regularly with short naps say that they enjoy a lot of benefits. The benefits are like a boost in productivity, spirit uplift and sharpened senses. Most mothers advise their children to take a nap during the day. This helps them in reaping benefits in their adult life. People who support the concept of taking a nap say that afternoon is the most ideal time of the day to do so. Don’t think that the concept of taking a nap being good for health is just a matter of opinion. Scientific research has started substantiating the benefits offered by napping.

Compensates for a bad night’s sleep

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Research has brought to light that taking a nap during the day time makes up for a bad and insufficient night’s sleep. Certain studies conclude that taking a nap during the day is helpful for normal sleepers who don’t get sufficient hours of sleep each night. The studies have not fully understood the biological reason behind this but they have been able to record conclusive results. In one study, there was a comparison of the alertness of one group that slept the entire night and didn’t nap to another group who slept less at night but napped in the day. Both the groups had showed equal levels of alertness. Studies have also shown the benefits of prophylactic nap. This kind of nap is when those who have to stay up late take a 2 to 4 hour nap before staying awake till late in the night. Results say that this helped the alertness level of those people the next day.

Napping is bad only in a few cases

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The benefits of napping is verified by research but in certain cases it not be of help at all. If you happen to be in 2 specific groups of people, taking day time naps is not for you as it can even hurt you. If you happen to be insomniac or have bouts of depression you will have to avoid taking afternoon naps. If you suffer from insomnia, taking a nap during the day can make your night time sleep worse. If you happen to be depressed, then taking naps during the day will actually worsen the symptoms of depression.

Make sure that you do not sleep for more than 90 minutes during your nap. Exceeding 90 minutes can disturb the internal rhythm of your body and lead to results that are not beneficial.

The bottom line

Scientific research has stated that napping has definite health benefits. Napping in the afternoon is beneficial for most people. However, it is not suitable for the depressed or those suffering from insomnia. Many people are known to suffer from sleep deprivation. It can make them unproductive and irritated at work. Taking naps can fix the issues. So to sleep in the afternoon is not a bad idea!

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