8 Ways To Sleep Well And Lose Weight


How To Sleep Well And Lose Weight?

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Yes, you read the title right! You can lose weight while staying asleep too. A study has been conducted regarding the same and it says that sub-standard sleep can cause affect weight loss by 55 percent! Oh my God! This means that you need quality sleep to shed those kilos!

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Here are some healthy ‘sleeptime’ tweaks that you need to make so that you sleep tight and shed some weight.

1) Make sure your bedroom is dark

It is a good idea to sleep in a room that is dark so that you get sound sleep. If there are outdoor lights that enter your bedroom then use blinds and curtains for your room. Switch you TV off and remove glowing clocks from your room. It is said that the body produces the hormone melatonin when you are in complete darkness. The hormone not just makes you sleepy but also helps in the production of calorie burning fat.

2) Keep all your gadgets away

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According to the research done in the Manchester University, it is said that the blue light emitted from tabs and smartphones can affect the production of melatonin thereby disturbing your metabolism. So, before going to bed, switch off all your gadgets.

3) Get ready to go to bed

Even if you don’t sleep on time, just keep repeating to yourself that it is past your bedtime and you need to sleep. This little trick may help you to go to bed early. On an average, adults should get a sleep of 7 to 8 hrs every night. Do your math and be a little careful about the number of hours you sleep.

4) Try drinking tea

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Some teas can put you to sleep swiftly and have a magical effect on your weight loss. Teas can reduce hunger pangs and increase calorie burn. Do try sipping onto herbal teas to drift away faster.

5) Keep food portions small at night

Your last meal of the day should be light. Do not try to stuff yourself with too much of food. Consuming a large meal prior to bedtime will make your body work hard for a longer time to digest it. When your body is all worked up, how can you sleep?

6) Eat mint leaves

Mint leaves for health

Now when you are trying to sleep there are chances of you getting hunger pangs. It would be wise to chew on some mint leaves so that you don’t end up having a mid-night snack. It is not good for your weight loss goal. Mint is known to suppress hunger pangs and salivary glands.

7) Lock the kitchen door

Stay away from the kitchen once you are done with dinner. If you can’t control yourself, it would be better to lock the door. This will prevent you from binging and thus enable weight loss.

8) Take a hot water bath

bath after meal

A hot water bath after a tiring day at office is a great idea. Have an early dinner and head to the washroom for a quick bath. It works wonders for your good night’s sleep. It relieves stress and relaxes muscle soreness.

Sleep well and lose weight!



Hope you found this post on how to sleep well and lose weight useful!

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