How Does Over Sleeping Affect Fitness


Over Sleeping Affects Fitness

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So, sleeping is indispensable for human survival and I advocate the same. Sufficient amount of sleep is crucial for the rejuvenation of the mind, body and the skin cells inside the body which are constantly in the process of regeneration and disintegration!

Well, have you ever heard someone saying they don’t like to sleep!! Well, only if one is suffering from some sleeping disorder they can’t sleep at all and there is a difference in not being able to sleep or not wanting to sleep!

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We all once in a while do think of the few minutes extra sleep each morning and given the ongoing winter season in North India, a cozy blanket is the hardest to leave at an early time of the day and that too for the routine activities like work, school, college, or gym! And almost everyone is delighted to see the calendar approaching towards a weekend when they can have a few more hours to tuck in their cozy blanket and think about how they are going to change their fitness regime from the next day on wards!

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Here I am not referring to the disorder Hypersomnia in which people find it difficult to get up at all. But in generality, if you are over sleeping in spite of sleeping on time at night, then it adversely affects your overall fitness! Actually over sleeping can cause much damage to the body than over-sleeping and this is really something you need to pay attention to.

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But there are very less people who pay heed to as to what over-sleeping can do to the mind and body! Over sleeping leads to some of the following health problems which are as under-

When these symptoms start building in, its high time to check our sleeping schedule so as to ensure timely treatment of the undergoing health issues and also to give a reality check to yourself about how those extra minutes or hours of sleep is not considered healthy at all and why you need to make efforts to slowly reverse the effects!

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One of my acquaintances shared that she used to sleep for a good 8-9 hours of age in her late 20’s and how each day she felt as if she wasted so much time in sleeping and doing nothing constructive for the body! Everyday a feeling of hampering the health schedule used to haunt her throughout the day! This used to give a bad start to the day and whole day vanished practically doing nothing!

Things got better when a tight sleep schedule of 6-7 hours started and she has never felt so much better. The day starts well, there is no denying that the person stays in a happy mode most of the time! With optimum physical activities her health is much better!

So, we can say that even if you are not going to the gym or doing weights, a healthy shift to sleep adequately and not too much can do a lot of difference in your fitness.

Also, when one over sleeps, there is a lack of energy due to which the body burns less calories and the body stores most of the energy leading to obesity which may lead to so many many other diseases like diabetes, depression, migraine etc.

So, now you may quite relate to why our elders emphasized on “Early to bed and Early to Rise”!

Do you sleep late or are an early riser?

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