Incredible Health Benefits Of Sleeping On Your Left Side


Health Benefits Of Sleeping On Your Left Side

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Okay, so there have been a lot of posts on sleeping lately! Hope you are having fun! Here is another one!

What is your favourite sleeping posture? On the belly? Or on the side? I have often heard people say that sleeping on one’s left side is the best sleeping position. Though I try to sleep on my left side, I curl up into a fetus! Most people would toss and turn during the night. It is a little difficult to sleep continuously in the same position. However, you should make an attempt as sleeping on your left side has a lot of health benefits to offer.

Health Benefits Of Sleeping On Your Left Side

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1) Helps relieve heartburn

People who suffer from a heart burn especially after a spicy and heavy meal should turn into a left-side-sleeper. This what the doctor will also say.

Research says that sleeping on your left can help in relieving symptoms of heartburn. On the other hand, sleeping on the right-side can make matters worse!

2) Stops your snoring

ways to get rid of snoring

Snoring is the nuisance for the person sharing the bedroom for you but there is a way out. Medical experts say that sleeping on the side can help patients suffering with obstructive sleep apnea and general snoring.

3) Helps improve digestion

It may sound surprising but your regular bowel movements can be directly affected by the way you sleep. Sleeping on your left side is the best as it lets gravity to encourage food waste to move easily from your small intestine into the large intestine.

4) Promotes heart health

heart health

The heart is a vital organ of the body. Do you know that when you sleep on your left-side, it can do wonders in promoting your heart health?

Doctors say that sleeping on the left side makes gravity turn the lymph drainage towards the heart thereby taking off some workload of it while you are asleep.

5) Improve your spleen health

Another organ that will get benefitted if you switch over to sleeping on your left is the spleen. Lying down on the left side makes the drainage back to the spleen easier.

6) Helps the lymphatic system

The lymphatic system is also benefitted when you lie down on your left side. It is said that the left side of the body is the dominant lymphatic side. While sleeping on the left side, your body will have more time to filter lymph fluid, toxins and waste.

7) Helps blood circulation

Two important benefits of sleeping on your left-side are better circulation and a reduction in varicose veins. It would be wiser to sleep on your left if you happen to suffer from varicose veins as it improves circulation while reducing pressure on the largest vein of the body. And that is on the right side!

8) Pregnant women can benefit

Pregnant woman holding her stomach on beach

Many people would have asked you (if you are a woman) to sleep on your left side when you were pregnant. Ever wondered why? Well, it is because sleeping on the left side during expecting a baby can improve blood circulation to the heart. This is good for the mother and the baby.

So, weren’t these 8 health benefits of sleeping on your left side simply incredible?

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