Sleeping Postures-The Best And The Worst!


Sleeping Postures-The Best And The Worst!

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Aah! There is nothing as blissful as a good night’s sleep. Agree? At the same time it is essential for our health, body as well as mind. Do you know we spend 1/3rd of our lives asleep? It is a precious thing! It is recommended that every grown up should get between 7 to 8 hours of sleep every night but many people don’t seem to be able to get that due to reasons ranging from eating the wrong stuff or bad sleeping positions.

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It is said that 80% of the people will have back problems in their lives at some point because of the way they sleep. Yes, our sleeping positions can be the cause of our back pain, neck pain, stomach issues and premature aging.

Let us have a look at the best and worst sleeping positions!

Best sleeping position

On your back

sleeping posture- sleeping on back

When you sleep on your back, it is easier for the head, neck and spine to remain aligned and stay in a neutral position. It is the best position because the spine stays aligned naturally all night long.


sleeping posture- sleeping starfish

The starfish position is good for your back too. The position is known to prevent wrinkles on the face and skin breakouts. Sleeping on your back is also helpful in fighting acid reflux. Lying on your back keeps the head elevated and makes the stomach capable of sitting below the esophagus, keeping acid reflux at bay. You need to note that the starfish sleeping position can cause snoring. Also, placing your arms up can add pressure to the shoulder nerves and this causes pain.

Second best sleeping position

On your side

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Those who suffer from obstructive sleep apnea, have general snoring, have neck pain or back pain or are pregnant will find sleeping on the side beneficial. Sleeping on the side elongates the spine and helps ward off back pain. However, sleeping on one side can cause skin aging as you place one side of your face on the pillow that can cause you to get wrinkles and even saggy breasts.

Right side or left side?

The side you choose for sleeping also plays an essential role in your health. Sleeping on the right side can make your heartburn worse. However, sleeping on your left side can also affect your internal organs such as liver, lungs and stomach. Pregnant women are asked to sleep on their left side for the optimal flow of blood.

The worst sleeping position

On your stomach

sleeping posture- sleeping on stomach

Sleeping on your stomach is not advised at all as it doesn’t the natural curve of the spine is not supported and this leads to overarching. This affects the joints and muscles that leads to pain, tingling and numbness. The position forces your neck to be in a rotated, closed pack or tight position. This affects circulation and breathing.

Sleeping on the belly can benefit those who snore as it opens up the upper airways. But having the head on one side for a long time period can lead to aches. People who suffer from neck pain or back pain should avoid this position.

Second worst position

Fetal position (on the side with your knees drawn up)

sleep curl trick

Sleeping like a foetus may be comforting but it can lead to neck pain, back pain, wrinkles and saggy breasts. It can cause a strain on your joints and back, especially when your knees and chin touch your chest. Sleeping in the fetal position should be avoided because your shoulder and neck need to be aligned while asleep.

Since now you know which is the best and which is the worst sleeping position, I guess you will make the right choice.

Hope you found this post useful!

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