SleepIQ – Technology To Monitor Sleep!!


SleepIQ – Technology To Monitor Sleep

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Do you love the days when you get a couple of hours of extra sleep? Well, I do! A nice cozy bed and a fluffy pillow is all what I need to enter the land of dreams.

Now, what can you think of when you hear the word ‘mattress technology’? Stuffing and springs? If I tell you that it can have sensors and voice recognition too, will you be surprised?  Well, at least I have been shell-shocked!

There is a company called Sleep Number that makes mattresses that has launched a path breaking mattress called x12 that not just has built in sensors to track the sleep quality of your partner and yourself, but also technology that responds to voice commands and find a solution for your partner’s snoring sounds. Wait there is more; it will give you a body massage too! Isn’t it all jaw dropping!



The company calls this technology ‘SleepIQ’. It is capable of monitoring your movement in bed as well as your avg breathing rate and heart rate to find out how well you and your partner sleep. People using a mattress with Sleep IQ can use the accompanying app or a website in order to keep track of things that can affect sleep like diet, caffeine, exercise or sickness. With the help of biometric information, this bed gives a sleep score and recommends different firmness and other support settings in order to help improve sleep quality.

It communicates to you your last night’s sleep quality and tells you what all things affected your sleep. x12 mattress also has a feature to help you out with your partner’s snoring. Just use a voice command that will raise his/her head that can help in stopping the snoring. Awesome, isn’t it?

There are other features in the bed too such as the ability to elevate the sides of the bed independently and lights on each side that get activated by voice. It will show you the way when you want to get out of bed in the middle of the night.

You can also turn off SleepIQ if you don’t want your special moments with your partner to get recorded. So, that takes care of your privacy!!

importance of sleep for health

Sleep tracking is in vogue as people these days have realized the importance of sleep and are ready to bear the expenses. Most of sleep tracking is being done with the help of wrist bands and smart phone apps but this mattress company has gone several steps ahead and developed x12. As expected x12 costs a bomb! It is currently far from being affordable to the commoners. The price range in US dollars is $7,999 to $15,399 (with furniture). They have also introduced other mattresses with the same SleepIQ technology starting from $999. The filthy rich can obviously go for it 😉 while for others it may be too much of a luxury!

What do you think about this? Let us know your opinion! Please feel free to comment in the section below.

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