Slimming Pills-Latest Rage In India


Slimming Pills-Latest Rage In India

It was in 2012 when my ex decided to dump me because of my weight – I was 100 kilos. I didn’t know what to do, and felt like the whole world was crashing on me – not because of the dumping but because of the ‘weight issues’ I battled. You may have read about how I turned my life around, but I did (and i will be honest) indulge in ‘slim-pills’. (Read my story here)

Slimming Pills-Latest Rage In India

Slimming Pills-Latest Rage In India

The health catch

Tablets and pills to make you look slim – most of us wonder if that really works. But, there is always a health catch to something or the other. There are many false beliefs around the slim fast pills, and believe me when I say, they make you gain weight rather than lose it.

As dieters continue popping in pills for an easy way to shed weight and flab, they fall into the abyss of the unknown. You cannot just gorge on anything you want and pop in a pill an hour before the meal – hoping to have a chiselled look at the end of two months. Exercises are a must, if you want that jawline, those abs and those pecs and muscles – these placebo pills work nothing in that regard.

In my opinion, most of us fall prey to these pills, because we think it is a ‘jail-free’ card; eat as much as you want and these pills will do its work. NO, it doesn’t work that way! These pills aren’t  a license to indulge in fats and sugars, hoping to stay trim and fit.

slimming pills four poits

Most who want to reduce are desperately looking for ways to do so – pills are number one on their minds, but what about the good old way of healthy eating and exercising? This means, you eat all the dangerous unhealthy stuff and then pop in a pill, most of the ingredients in them unheard of – does that make any sense?

You have to look beyond the marketing gimmick of these pills – the men and women featured on their labels are MODELS who have worked their behinds off to gain that body – pills didn’t!  Even if the pills say “supplements” – it means supplements to staying healthy, not a replacement for healthy eating mannerisms and foods though!

Are pills effective?

In a research done, most of these pills to slim are as good as low fat biscuits, they have sugars in them as well. There is thus a need for such companies and surprisingly most given the green nod by the FDA in the US, to have every ingredient shown on the labels, and the truth told as well. Marketers and policy makers should now work on their marketing skills, to bring about remedies which would minimise the consequences, harmful effects for consumers in the long run. Everyone wants to look good, be healthy and to stay fit as well, the old fashioned way is the best I feel.

slimming pills love ur body

Slim pill marketers are a billion- trillion dollar industry, they play on emotions and care less about the consumers. I gave up popping in the pills, it never really did any good for me and wouldn’t do any good for you too. What worked for me are five small meals, healthy living, lifestyle changes, reduction in smoking and alcohol, and yes, a positive dose of jogging up and down the stairs every day. I hope your eyes open to this – please love yourself better.

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