Harmful Effects Of The Smart Phone


Find Out The Harmful Effects Of The Smart Phone

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“The varied and the better feature of my new smart phone made me quite glued to it, than my previous one. Exploring the features and the apps, I began spending more time with my new best-friend (The New Smart-Phone). I had to stay connected to my folks, friends and everyone else. After sometimes the area around my eyes showed aging, dull skin and a declined Eye-Sight.”

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After retiring to bed, we all like to catch hold of our smartphone to relax, and then sleep. We see the latest posts, uploads or a quick session of the game to which we are addicted to. But have you ever wondered that these nasty habits of ours are taking a toll on our body? These habits are leading us to problems like lack of sleep, poor concentration, increased risk of cancer, also damaging our eye-sight.

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“I never thought that the harmful radiation of the Smart-Phone, are taking a toll on my eye, especially the blue-light of the smart-phone”.

Few of us are aware of the harmful effects of the blue light, emitted by the smart-phone. We are exposed to the sun light which has these blue light radiations but the one produced by the machine is more dangerous.

  • It has been found that the blue-light from smart-phone Damages the “Eye’s Retina” and causes “Macular Degeneration” i.e. the loss of the ability to see the things in front of us (Central vision). Exposure to the Blue-Light is now being one of the “Major Cause of Cataract in Younger People”, around the Age Group of 35 or more  which was basically found in elder patients.
  • Sleep is also being affected due to the Radiation and the effect of Blue-Light. Blue-Light disrupts the production of “Melatonin” a Hormone responsible for the sleep cycle. Lack of Sleep is the root cause of all the major health issues like Lower concentration Both in Kids and Grown-up’s, Slower Response Time, Cardiovascular Problems, Depression, Lack of Memory Recall, Aged-Skin, Wrinkles, and the most Basic  Problem of Weight Gain.
  • Increased Risks of Cancer.” It is very frightening that the increased Exposure of Blue-Light, at night, is related to the increased cases of “Breast and Prostate cancer.” The “Melatonin” Hormone which is crucial in Body’s Fight against Cancer is suppressed by Blue Light. These Problems occur due to the usage of our Smart-Phones for a longer duration at night, try to constrain the usage especially at night, so as to keep these problems at bay.

We nowadays just cannot do without our cell phones, but it is only up to us, to decide how much we should use it. Try not to go beyond an hour especially at night. Try to keep the gadgets and smartphone away from you, as well as away from your kids.  Try to control your temptation. People sit with one another but are all glued to their respective smart phones. “Connect to people Personally.”

Hope after knowing the Harmful Effects Of Staying Glued To The Smart Phone you will stay a bit away from it!

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