SmartEats Box Review | Healthy Snacks Subscription India


SmartEats Box Review | Healthy Snacks Subscription India

Hello Beautiful People,

This post is about the review of SmartEats Box which is a Healthy Snacks Box delivered at your doorstep. We at Indian Weight Loss Blog, encourage snacking to avoid hunger pangs and overeating during meals. The snacks at SmartEats are low GI snacks, you can read about GI here.

SmartEats Box Review | Healthy Snacks Subscription India

SmartEats Box delivery caters to NCR only for now, I hope they start delivering to other cities too. All the Best SmartEats 🙂 ! You can check their website for various box sizes as per your need here and their FB page here.

Let’s see what’s in the store in this exciting snacks box –

weight loss smart bytes indian

Fruity Granola Bar

This was just too good , period !

indian weight loss blog

Healthy living recipes

Doesn’t it look just delicious 🙂 ?

Verry Berry Strawberry

Nice rhyming name 🙂 and yummy taste ! I just loved these dried strawberries. A small censure is with the sugar/glucose added in the snack. However, I do understand that it is needed for any dehydrated food, still sugar could have been less. After all, its all about Healthy Snacks.

Smart bytes recipes

SmartEats Box Review Strawberry

This is how the strawberry looks. I am drooling till now 😛

SmartEats Box Review Berry Strawberry

Parsley Pepper  Crackers

These are meant to be tea time snacks. Looked home made and tasted of cheese and herbs. I think these need vaccum packaging to make their crispness last longer. I found them decent but a little thick, I don’t mind though 🙂

SmartEats Box Review Berry Parsley Peppers

Lean Bean Mix

Tasted like home made spicy mixture.

SmartEats Box Review Lean Bean Mix

This is how the mixture looks –

SmartEats Box Review Lean Bean Mix1

I got this cute card inside the box 🙂

SmartEats Box Review message

Overall, I found the SmartEats Box pretty decent, although some changes would make it really great ! These are healthy snacks and a great investment for weight watchers. Way to Go SmartEats ! You may check a healthy cake recipe here and healthy midnight munching snacks here.

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