How To Snack Right For A Healthy Weight Loss?


How To Snack Right For Healthy Weight Loss! Find Out.

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How are you all doing? It is festival season again and the worst time for weight loss. This is the time to multiple snacks in a day which leads to quick weight gain. Snacks taken in a wrong way can lead to gut imbalances, insulin resistance and finally , weight gain. However, with mindful snacking, we can control all this. Basically this is the right time to learn how to snack right for a healthy weight loss.

Tips on how to snack right for a healthy weight loss

When you make smart choices, snacking can actually become a part of a gut-healing weight loss plan. Food is powerful enough to hurt or help weight loss and gut.

Instead of talking only about gut-healthy foods, let us discuss snacking habits and how to snack right for a healthy gut that can lead to a healthy weight loss. Keep the following things in mind!

1) Know about your food sensitivities

Check additives in snacks before consuming them. Most people are careful during meals but tend to loosen their grip when they snack on something. Dairy, gluten and soy are usually the main culprits, and sugar surely is bad. Sugar leads to mood swings, obesity, diabetes, heart disease, irritability, depression, body ache and pain. Be careful of foods you are sensitive to.

2) Question yourself

Most people admit that they reach out for sugar-packed snacks when they feel bored or emotionally down. Eating ice-cream and other junk foods late at night are bad habits. Before reaching out to snacks, ask yourself why you are eating them and do you really have the need to eat them. The answer would be ‘No’ most of the times and this will save you from consuming excess calories and keep your gut happily helping you to lose weight.

3) Search for non-food alternatives

If your snacking is habitual, you must do something about it. Try distracting yourself with relaxation methods like meditation. Doing so will not just help you relax but also bring down your cravings for salty or sugary snacks. Learn the trick of calming down your mind instead of reaching out for snacks. This will help improve your overall health and weight loss journey

4) Set a limit

Even if you don’t have the habit of snacking at night, it is recommended that you stop snacking an hour or two before going to sleep. There is something more that you can do for your weight loss – Intermittent fasting. A 12 hour fast right from dinner time to the next morning can do wonders. The problem is that even if you snack on healthy stuff at night. It can affect your sleep and lead to unwanted weight gain.

Doctors are of the opinion that you can have 3 meals a day with 2 optional snacks. This is however general and may vary from person to person. Stay hydrated throughout the day and when you are travelling, you need to pre-plan your snacks. You can even skip snacks or even a meal for two extra snacks, while travelling as it is also a good way to give rest to your gut and losing weight.

If you happen to be stuck at your work place and cannot get dinner soon, you need to have a healthy snack. Keep any gut-friendly snack you like with you always. Read this to know how to select gut-friendly foods leading to healthy weight loss – 8 Foods That Are Good For Gut Health. You can keep dark chocolate and tetra packs of buttermilk with you and carry them around easily.

Hope you know now how to snack right for a healthy gut and weight loss.

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