6 So Called Healthy Habits To Quit This Year!

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So Called Healthy Habits To Quit This Year!

Hello All!!!!!

It has been driven into your mind that certain habits are healthy and you must do them no matter what! Let me tell you that life is not a rat race and you need not comply to things always.

Most ‘healthy’ habits are myths touted by big businesses and marketers. Here is a list of the so called healthy habits to quit this year!

1) Flossing

When you floss, your gums start bleeding but you still do it every week to avoid a visit to the dentist. However, you may be surprised to know that there is very little evidence that says flossing helps in improving dental hygiene. It has been found that almost all the scientific studies regarding the benefits of flossing are not able to provide any reliable data. Moreover, many of the studies were carried out by dental floss manufacturers for the sole purpose of selling their products.

2) Counting calories

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Counting your calories looks like an effective way of controlling the intake of calories and thereby your weight. However, once you start keeping a watch on your calorie intake, there are more chances of you going overboard and restricting your diet far too much. This can be your biggest mistake when it comes to weight loss. A very low calorie diet can make your metabolism sluggish and stall your weight loss. So, avoid counting the calories you ingest.

3) Vaping to quit smoking

People are being made to believe that vaping is a safe alternative to cigarette smoking and is helpful for those who want to quit the habit of smoking. However, studies say something different. They say that vaping is not an effective method to bid goodbye to the cigarette. It is not risk-free. Vaping has been linked to cancer and other ailments.

4) Applying a high SPF sunscreen

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Excessive exposure to the sun has been linked to problems ranging from skin wrinkles to skin cancer! This is why most people slather on sunscreen lotion to get protection from the sun. The obvious choice is a sunscreen with the highest SPF or Sun Protection Factor. However, this is not the best choice according to skin experts. You should not choose a high SPF sunscreen lotion as it is less effective and more risky.

5) Using artificial sweeteners

You must have been carried away by ads saying that artificial sweeteners are the best solution for those who want the taste of sugar but not the calories. The fact that sugar is bad for you is well known but so are artificial sweeteners. Artificial sweeteners are linked to cancer and other health issues. So, think twice before you use them!

6) Going gluten free

Gluten free

A gluten-free diet is meant for those who have celiac disease as they cannot digest the protein gluten. However, in the recent past, gluten-free foods have become a rage. Lots of people, whether celiac or not are hoping on to the gluten-free diet bandwagon. They feel that doing so will help them lose weight and a clear skin.

Nutritionists are warning people of not falling for this fad as going gluten-free can ruin your health if you are not having celiac disease.

Avoid the above so called healthy habits and live better!

Hope you liked this post on reasons to quit so called healthy habits!

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