Why Soaked Almonds Are Healthier?

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Why Soaked Almonds Are Healthier?

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I have started this habit of eating soaked almonds first thing in the morning and I am hoping to see some really good results. Elders always say that you should soak almonds overnight, peel them and then consume them on an empty stomach. But, what about raw almonds? Let us find out!

Almonds or badaam as they are known in Hindi have a chockfull of nutrients and vitamins in them. It is believed that almonds have been around for about 19,000 years and that is enough time for them to become famous! They also have a history! It is said that the Old Testament featured almond and almond trees.


Nutrition profile of almonds

Almonds are rich in vitamin E, omega 3 fatty acids, dietary fibres, and proteins. According to most people, they can be the next superfood as they are immensely healthy. They have lots of protein in them and help you stay full for longer. Their manganese content helps in the strengthening of bones and regulating blood sugar.

Soaked almonds Vs Raw almonds

Now comes the main question. If your mom too pleaded you to have your dose of soaked almonds every morning, she must have been right. Soaked almonds and raw almonds vary in taste but now it is more about picking the healthier option.

Why are soaked almonds better?


First of all, the brown peel of almonds has tannins in it which is a major inhibitor in nutrient absorption. When you soak the almonds, the skin or peel comes off easily and then lets the nut release all the nutrients it contains easily.

How should you soak almonds?

Take a handful of almonds and put them in half a cup of water and cover them. Let them soak for 8 hours and then drain the water and peel off the outer skin and keep them in a plastic container. This way soaked almonds can stay good for a week.

Health benefits of soaked almonds

1)Soaking of almonds helps in releasing enzymes that help in digestion. There is a release of enzyme lipase when you soak almonds and that is beneficial in fat digestion.

2) The monounsaturated fats in almonds reduce your appetite and keep you full for longer. You can snack on them whenever you like as they help in binge-eating and help trigger weight loss.

3) Almonds are good for heart health. They reduce bad cholesterol and increase levels of good cholesterol.

4) Soaked almonds are good sources of antioxidants too. The vitamin E they contain works as an antioxidant and inhibits free radical damage that prevents inflammation and ageing.

5) You can even fight cancer with soaked almonds as they contain vitamin B17 which is essential for fighting cancer.

6) The flavonoids in almonds help in suppressing the growth of tumours.

7) Almonds also lower and maintain glucose levels and keep high blood pressure in check.

8) Soaked almonds have folic acid in them that helps reduce birth defects.

So, now are you ready to eat soaked almonds?

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