How to be a social butterfly while staying away from calories?


How to be a social butterfly while staying away from calories?

How to be a social butterfly while staying away from calories

There are endless ‘diet enemy foods’ at parties, meetings and get-togethers, waiting for you to gulp them down. A huge array of lip smacking snacks and drinks, not to forget the gorgeous desserts, for which you might have to shell out a hefty amount at restaurants, are laid out so conveniently at occasions…so why not take advantage of the opportunity and consume that wishful fare! Well…I assure the happiness would be very temporary. If you do feel uncomfortable in your present weight, you might end up feeling guilty and go in a further denial mode, or worse, you might find it addictive and get greedier.

As I mentioned in my last posts, keeping up with a healthy social life, while maintaining even healthier food habits is not that big a task. There are several ditch methods of having fun and being fit at the same time. Read a few of these that I personally adopted and you would know –

My well tried “ditch methods”

refrigerator full of healthy food. fruits, vegetables


  • I had read this long before in some magazine and applied it to the core while in the process of losing those 13 kgs, back in 2012 – “before going to a party, have a wholesome and healthy, but small portion of the meal, like some fruit, so you don’t end up feeling very hungry at the gathering”. If you go to an occasion with an empty stomach, you are bound to eat like crazy (all the wrong stuff). (Take a cue from the pic.)
  • Have a glass of water before you start off. This gives you a feeling of fullness and guards you from having too much of anything.
  • No matter how unhealthy the menu is, you can always find hope. For example, at weddings, take advantage and have a plate full of exotic fruits. Whether a birthday party or a cocktail function, look out for foods with the least calories. So, choose plain chapattis over buttered breads, fruit cream (with less of cream) over gulab jamuns, and if gulab jamuns catch your fantasy, have half or one piece, and make sure you enjoy every bit of it. A little bit of self discipline goes a very long way.
  • Come back home and have green tea. This helps fasten your metabolism and the hot water aids digestion and makes you feel lighter.
  • The Best Midnight Snacks For Your Cravings green teaTry to station yourself away from the food counters. Make food less accessible.
  • One of the biggest myths about food is that “we can compensate for overeating by skipping the next meal.” Heavy meals that are refined are actually processed much faster by the body, so your hunger pangs will be back in a couple of hours. I personally used to have soups with lots of veggies and tofu as my next meal.
  • Stay away from snacks that are too salty and oily and desserts that are too sweet.
  • Tell yourself that you don’t deserve to eat like a mammoth just because you were born on this day, your friend was born on this day, you got a new job, or got proposed. In fact, all of the above reasons should encourage you to get fitter and look better.

Choose your friends wisely

We are all often swayed and detracted by our friends and their unhealthy lifestyles. “They are friends after all, I want to belong,” – you might think. A recent study by the Harvard University, as I read in the Sunday edition of The Times of India, says that your chances of gaining kilos increase by 57% if a close pal has an unhealthy amount of weight gain; and if that friend is the same gender as you, the odds rise by 71%. Fix this by knowing that you don’t have to give up on your friends. Instead, just maintain your own beliefs about what is healthy, focus on it and motivate them as well. And even if you are the odd one in the group and get ribbed about it, don’t let it bother you. Go ahead and order your own healthy choice!

Are you going to try these tips on how to be a social butterfly while staying away from calories?

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