What To Post On Social Media For Weight Loss?


What Should You Post On Social Media For Weight Loss?

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The title of this post sounds weird, right? You must be left wondering what your social media posts have to do with weight loss. Well, there is a connection! And I will reveal that ahead in this post! Keep reading!

The mantra to lose weight is to start tweeting happy thoughts! It has been found that those who expressed positive emotions on Twitter were far more likely to reach their diet goals, according to a study.

The researchers of the study analyzed 700 individuals who used the famous app MyFitnessPal. This fitness app tracks your diet and exercise and connects you to your social media accounts as well so that you can share your progress with your friends. The goal of the study was to look at the link between the tweets of the individuals and whether or not they reach the calorie goals set by them on the app. And as it appears, positive tweets are associated with diet success.

Not every tweet analyzed in the study had things to do with dieting and fitness. There were some tweets that reflected a general positive outlook towards life with hashtags such as #enjoythemoment, #blessed and the like.

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Individuals who were tweeting about their fitness accomplishments also had an edge over the ones who did not. And these people were not the ones who were breaking personal records at the gym, losing lots of weight and showing off online. Such tweets cited in the study were not having a gloating tone. They instead had a tone that reflected motivation. For instance, there was one tweet that read,

“I will stick to my fitness plan. It will be difficult. It will take time. It is going to require sacrifice. But it will be worth it.”

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The study has been helpful in driving home the fact that social media can be used to reach any weight loss or health goal. It brings people together and provides a support system. You can post images of your weight loss transformation, celebrate the victory and can also lift each other up during times of struggle. However, it is also true that social media is linked to depression and anxiety and can lead to development of an unhealthy body image in people. You can read about how social media can make you feel depressed here! Social media is more like a double-edged sword these days. If you use it the right way it can be helpful in your weight loss journey.

Overall, social media can be regarded as a tool for weight loss when used the right way. So, if you happen to be struggling with excess weight and don’t seem be motivated then you should think about posting your journey in social media. The most important thing is that every positive tweet matters.

Keep believing in the positive, spread positive vibes and keep malice at bay. You may actually surge ahead in achieving your weight loss goal! So, keep posting on social media for weight loss!

Hope now you know what to Post On Social Media For Weight Loss!

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