Social Media Vs Alcohol – The Addiction


Social Media Vs Alcohol – The Addiction Is Real!

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The title of this post must be telling you the entire story. Yes, social media addiction is real. What seems to be a simple way of passing time and a common habit is actually addictive in nature. You would be surprised to know that social networking sites can be more addictive than alcohol. This has been confirmed by a recent study conducted by the University of Chicago Booth School of Business.

It is said that the desire to drink alcohol can be controlled & turned down but the desire to check what happening on Facebook is totally uncontrollable for a majority of the people and is a serious addiction.

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Social Media Vs Alcohol -What does the study say?

The study had 250 participants aged between 18 and 85 years. They were asked to report their cravings and desires at specific intervals. It has been found that most people had the desire to sleep during the day but were able to control it. However, the desire to check Facebook was much higher.

Top reasons for Facebook addiction

1) The chief reason for Facebook addiction is that is it is more easily available than alcohol. The availability of WiFi in every restaurant, eatery and public place has people hooked on Facebook all the time. On the other hand, alcohol is not available everywhere.

2) Another valid reason is that checking Facebook costs way less than consuming alcohol regularly.

3) In many countries, the consumption of alcohol is prohibited in public places and during office hours. However, there is no restriction on logging into Facebook. So, people can check Facebook updates whenever they have the desire to do so.

The most astonishing part is that the urge of checking Facebook updates is so strong in people that they can’t even resist it even if they wanted to.

What are the effects of Facebook addiction?

How Facebook Makes You Feel Bad About Yourself

1) Waste of time

Regardless of how good you feel while checking the updates on Facebook, you cannot deny the fact that it is a plain waste of time.

2) Reduces self esteem

Seeing your peers living a wonderful and luxurious life can make you feel depressed. It is but human nature to feel sad when you don’t have enough. However, remember that people only share their joys on Facebook and not the tragedy of their life. Someone who seems to be the happiest person on Facebook may be someone who is drowned in his or her own miseries.

How to come out of this addiction?

According to the study, when we are exhausted, it gets difficult to control our desires and there is a depletion of will power. This makes us just give in to the urges we have. So, make sure that you are not extremely tired and worn out.

Now, if you still are unable to stop yourself from posting stuff on Facebook in the middle of the night instead of sleeping, then you should get the help of a professional. Talking to a psychologist is a good idea.

Break free and get a better life!

What do you feel about the addiction to Social Media Vs Alcohol?

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