Why Do Some People Feel The Cold Or Heat More Than Others?


Some People Feel The Cold Or Heat More Than Others


Many people I come across roam around in winters with very less warm clothes. On the other hand, I am someone who shivers even under 5 layers of warm clothing! I barely am able to withstand the chill of the winter months while some others just enjoy the season. How do you feel during winters?

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However, there are also people who feel cold regardless of the weather. There must be at least one colleague who wears thick jackets even in summer! Poor soul may have chills even when it is hot outside! Then there are some who sweat excessively all the time and others who are as fresh as a daisy the whole day! We all are different.

Now the question is – Why Do Some People Feel The Cold Or Heat More Than Others? Well, let us find out!

Extreme chills and hot flashes indicate poor health

Poor health could be the basic reason why some of us feel uncomfortably hot or cold. Health reports indicate that the reasons behind chills and hot flashes are anemia, infection, malnutrition, weight issues (being underweight or overweight) and mild thyroiditis.

To fix this issue, there has to be a regular health checkup and discussion with the doctor. Our mentality is to visit the doctor only when we are seriously ill. You should not wait that till your condition gets worse. Communicate with your doctor to treat your chills or hot flashes before they become serious. Fix all your issues.

You might feel hot or cold due to stress


Stress can be one reason behind the discomfort you face in normal climate. Stress can be due to busy and hectic work schedules or due to relationship issues. For example, if you feel extremely hot at office when everyone else is wearing layers of clothes, it can be because of a fight between you and your family/friends. This is probably why your personal and professional life should be miles away from each other. Leave personal issues at home and head to work.

Your emotional state can affect you

Apart from health and stress, your emotional state can make you feel too cold or too hot. Theories say that when people are too depressed or lonely, they tend to shiver. On the other hand, staying with people can make you feel warm and fuzzy.

When your heart feels cold, so do you, no matter what the temperature outside is.

How to avoid feeling too hot or too cold?

After knowing the causes of temperature discomfort, you might want to know the cure. There are some ways to reduce the cold or stop the excessive sweating. You can include certain foods that will maintain the internal balance of hot and cold. During winter months, eating hot soups and carbs can help you stay warm. Similarly, light food with leafy greens is the best during the hot summer months. This will surely help you manage during the change in climate.

There is another trick that works; it involves visualizing and imagining warmer locations.  Doing so releases the hormone endorphin to help maintain the body heat. This way you will not feel cold.

Hope this post – ‘Why Do Some People Feel The Cold Or Heat More Than Others?’ has been useful!

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