Sonakshi Sinha’s Weight Loss Journey


Sonakshi Sinha’s Weight Loss Journey

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Today I am going to talk about the weight loss journey of the very fabulous and ‘Dabangg’, Sonakshi Sinha. She has always been categorized as being on the heavier side. Her weighty issues have constantly brought her under the scanner. Do you know she has lost considerable weight to act in films? Let us find out.

Sonakshi Sinha's Weight Loss Journey
Sonakshi Sinha’s Weight Loss Journey

First steps to fitness

Sonakshi weighed 90 kgs before her Bollywood stint. It was all due to consuming too much of junk food and no exercise. At that point of time she used to pant even after walking a few steps. After signing her first movie she got the weight loss ball rolling by hitting the gym and following a healthy diet.

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Journey at the gym

After living a sedentary lifestyle it was quite difficult for her to sweat it out at the gym. The training at the gym caused her body aches and pain. In spite of that she did not give up. Point to be noted. At this juncture her will power came to play. She was successful in losing a few kilos in a month’s time. This made her more confident as her hard work had shown some positive result.

Type of workout

Along with weight training, spinning, and cardio she also did cycling, swimming, functional training and tennis. Phew!!! She also practised hot yoga three times a week. Hot yoga comprises of exercises done in hot and humid conditions. All this helped her lose weight and get her body toned.

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Sonakshi’s diet

Just like us commoners, Sonakshi too had a tough time in giving up junk food and embracing a healthy diet. She was on a high protein and low carb diet. This was done to balance out her strenuous workouts. She kept herself hydrated by drinking sufficient water throughout the day. Along with hat she had several cups of green tea in a day. To keep her energy high and at the same time help her burn calories she ate small meals every three hours.

Have a look at what she ate throughout the day:

  • For breakfast she had cereal and milk or whole wheat toast

  • Mid morning meal included some dry fruits and a cup of green tea

  • Lunch included typical Indian roti and sabzi with salad

  • Evening snack was a fruit or a cup of green tea

  • She had an early dinner and it consisted of only protein food like dal, egg whites, chicken, and fish. She did not have carbohydrates after 6 pm.

She successfully lost 30 kgs with her diet, workout and of course her will power. Having a tendency to put on weight easily, she constantly takes care of her diet and workout. She had mentioned in an interview that for healthy hair she eats fish and fish oil supplements; for healthy skin she keeps herself well hydrated.

Sonakshi Sinha has created a sensation in Bollywood and proved that girls with fuller bodies can also look attractive.

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