Sony Walkman Sports MP3 Player Review


Sony Walkman Sports MP3 Player Review

Hii all,

After reading Kanan’s post on favourite playlist (Read here) while working out. I thought why not I review the current tech I am using for my workout.

Like mentioned earlier I am extremely passionate about long distance running and I some day aspire to run the Comrades-Toughest race in the world (89kms).Sony Walkman Sports MP3 Player 3

With long distance long duration just become a part of it, generally when you are running at the same place, even the best of view tends to get boring, in such cases music comes extremely handy in letting you being focused.

Today I would like to review the music tech I have been using for almost a year now which is

Sony Walkman 4 GB Waterproof Sports MP3 Player

Price-Rs.6490 (it’s now available on discount)

Sony Walkman Sports MP3 Player 1I had seen this product at Croma store in a bottled water; I was so fascinated by the display I just bought it immediately, the same was available with only 2 color options black and white,now they have introduced many other colors.

Product Description

  • 4GB capacity
  • Stylish colors, wireless & wearable design
  • Waterproof High-Performance music player
  • 8 Hour battery life with 3 minute Quick Charge for 60 minutes playback

My say about the product

I have been using the same for running as well swimming with initial adjusting of couple of days I got extremely comfortable in using it, and now I am in love with it. Without it I find it now difficult to sometimes focus. L and its extremely convenient to use, just plug in to your laptop like any USB and upload your music and you are good to go, it’s very stable, it doesn’t comes off even when I run very fast, I have also tried it while skipping, but it tends to come out after few jumps. I hardly remember charging it, may be just once a month, in spite of using it for 15 days a month at least.

Product service

During the tenure of 1 year, my Walkman completely crashed 3 times (yes 3 times and that too Sony) lucky for me the Sony center was near so I managed to get replacement all the 3 times, but I am sure when you ain’t that lucky, it would be a task. But I am happy without much hassle I got a replacement within 1 week all 3 times.

Sony Walkman Sports MP3 Player 2


  • Its waterproof, you can run in rain without fear of damaging it.
  • It comes with multiple silicon buds of different sizes for different ear types.
  • Battery life is superb.
  • Good customer care service in case of damaged product.
  • Keys functionality is pretty ergonomic.
  • No wire dangling around unlike other mp3 or when you use Phone.
  • Comes with 1 year warranty and in my case every time I got a new replacement the 1 warranty start from the date it got replaced.


  • It is expensive compared to other similar China products.
  • Because of predefined playlists one has to shuffle through the entire list for song selection.
  • Thrice I had bad experience that my mp3 stops which is a BIG Con.

Overall I would suggest if you love to exercise and don’t like wire dangling around then this is an awesome product.

PS- Before buying please check for the after-sales service center in your area.

Are you going to buy Sony Walkman Sports MP3 Player after reading this review?

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