4 Strategies To Soothe Stress


Strategies To Soothe Stress

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Day-by-day the stress in our lives is increasing and the way it is escalating is a matter to worry about. How to manage the ever-rising stress levels? Well, here are 5 easy strategies to soothe stress, make you feel happy and nourish the inner child in you!

1) Use brightly coloured markers or paint

Why Colouring Is Good For Your Health - colouring book

There are people who plainly say that they don’t have an artistic mind and hence cannot paint at all but the truth is that everybody has the ability to create. So, if your mind resists, you should trick it. Allow yourself to play with colours for an hour alone and see what happens! You will probably get addicted to it.

Not able to convince yourself? Simply close your eyes and think of the happiest time of your childhood. There are chiefly memories of riding bicycles, playing in the dirt and colouring. Just give painting or colouring a try as it is said to be meditative. You must have heard about adult colouring books, they are a rage and are helping out many adults mentally. However, you need not spend money on a colouring book, just use a sheet of white paper and start slapping paint on it. You can even try finger painting if you like.

2) Do cross-training

Painting to relieve stress

No! This is not the cross-training you do at the gym! Apply the idea of switching between exercises to something new! If you have started painting, sit down to write a poem. It is not difficult to play with words. Just stop being self-conscious and focus just on yourself.

3) Bring out your inner rebel

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Every human has an inner rebel. We are programmed that way! Given permission, it takes charge. Most often this attribute is given to teenagers.  But as one turns into an adult he or she becomes a more perceivable grown-up. However, that rebel energy makes us do things that we wouldn’t want to do otherwise. Think about your preferences and if you are honouring them, you will stop feeling so stressed out.

4) Pen down your life story

Irritable Bowel Syndrome food diary

You life has a zillion episodes worth penning down. It is a timeline of stories. You should consider making lists, short paragraphs or if possible, a timeline. If you simply can’t think of writing anything, try to make a list of odd, crazy and sweet things about yourself. This way, you will be reminded of who you are. You might feel good about it and perhaps even accept yourself a bit more. When you know yourself well and feel centered you will be able to deal with stress in a better way.

Take home message

You cannot change the people around you, all you have in your control is changing the way you react to the world. To make that possible, you should be present. Play with colours, know who you are and where you stand, awaken the inner rebel in you. Doing these things will definitely make a huge difference in your life.

Hope you now know ways to soothe stress!

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