Soul Full Vanilla Fills Ragi Bites Review


soulful vanilla packSoul Full Vanilla Fills Ragi Bites Review

Hey Guys…  Remember the last post where I told you I’d been off for grocery shopping and came home with some goodies? I reviewed Khoob Khao crackers for you, now it is time for another product which is a sweet tooth fix! This is called Soulful Vanilla fills Ragi bites.

These are from Kottaram Agro Foods, Bangalore. These are basically cereals to be had with milk, more like Kellogs Chocos. But I never had the patience of having chocolate cereal with milk, so I have them straight out of the packet… crunchy goodness!

So, getting on with our review, these ragi bites are available in two flavors:

  • Choco- fills
  • Vanilla fills

They both look the same, but just the packaging color being slightly different.

These are crunchy bite size cereal, shaped like pockets; they are filled with chocolate or vanilla cream, the cream being just negligible. Do you guys have any memory of eating Cadbury Bites?? Oh! How I devoured them (Good old days), Soulful Ragi bites are something like them, just the outer cover being made of Ragi and little bit cream filled centre( Cream is really very very little quantity though, almost negligible).

soulful vanillaThis yummy baby is made up of –

  • Ragi(50%),

  • Fill-22%(Sugar-41%, Edible vegetable oil-25%,

  • Milk powder-21%,

  • Hydrogenated vegetable fat,

  • Soya lecithin(INS 322),

  • Acidity regulator(INS 296),

  • Preservative(INS 223),

  • Iodized salt),

  • Sugar,

  • Bengal gram dhal,

  • Milk powder, Cocoa solids, Edible vegetable oil, Iodized salt, Calcium carbonate and Antioxidant(INS 320)

So, Ragi being as good calcium supplement, this one having 50 percent of it makes it really nutritious. It also contains Bengal gram which is good for proteins. Of course, there is sugar, but trust me it’s not as sweet as Chocos. It’s just right amount of sweetness. The product stays 6 months from manufacturing, so I don’t guess the preservatives would be too strong.

Here is the calorie break up-

Nutrition 1OO gm 30 gm + 120 ml Skim Milk
Energy from Fat 96 KCAL 30 KCAL
TOTAL FAT 10.7 g 3.3 g
Saturated Fatty Acids 4.1 g 1.3 g
Mono Unsaturated Fatty Acids 4.4 g 1.4 g
Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids 1.9 g O.6 g
Trans Fatty Acids 0.0 0.0
of which Sugar (sucrose) 24.1 g 7.2 g
Dietary fiber 5.6 g 1.7 g
PROTEIN 7.9 g 5.4 g
SODIUM O.2 g O.1 g
Vitamin C O.4 mg 1.3 mg
Thiamine(vit B1) O.2 mg 0.06 mg
Riboflavin(vit B2) O.2 mg O.O6 mg
Niacin(Vit B3) O.6 mg O.3 mg
Folate 16.3 µg 4.9 µg
Iron 2.6 mg 1.0 mg
Calcium 332.3 mg 243.7 mg
Zinc 1.2 mg O.4 mg
Potassium 322.0 mg 276.6 mg
Phosphorus 233.3 mg 178.0 mg
Magnesium 74.5 mg 22.3 mg

soulful vanilla 1 The packet is 25g for Rs.20/- , divide the above values by 4 (the calorie per 100g part) you get the per pack calories, like a single pack would give you-

  • 101.75 cals of energy
  • 2.75 g of fats
  • About 19 g of carbs
  • 2 g of protein

I bought a trail pack of 6 that being 3 packets of choc fills and 3 packets of vanilla fills, each weighing 25g.  They are also available in cardboard boxes, like our cereal packs, these are 250g for Rs.190/-

Also you can get them online from their own site.  Awwwwsome right?

Are you going to try these Soul full Vanilla Fills Ragi Bites?

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