Is Soy Sauce Good For You?


Is Soy Sauce Good For You? Find Out!

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Think Chinese, think soy sauce! If you are a fan of Chinese cuisine, you can’t miss out on soy sauce. It has been around for 1000 years now and is a staple in most Asian countries like China and Japan. But is soy sauce good for you?

Soy sauce – What it is?

soy-sauce - soya sauce

It is a liquid condiment made traditionally by fermenting wheat and soybeans. It can also be made chemically and it is comparatively a faster process.

What is in soy sauce?

The nutrient profile of soy sauce is as follows:

15 ml of traditionally made soy sauce has

Calories: 8

Carbs: 1 g

Fat: Nil

Protein: 1 g

Sodium: 902 mg

The salt content is high offering 38% of the RDI. Moreover, it is not a great source of nutrients but has 300+ compounds that give it a distinct flavour and aroma.

Health risks linked with soy sauce

Question stays… Is Soy Sauce Good For You?

Well, there can be health issues with soy sauce due to its high salt content, presence of cancer-causing substances and reactions to amines and MSG.

High amounts of sodium

Soy sauce has lots of salt in it. In spite of the fact that it is needed by the body to function well, too much of it can harm you. High sodium intake can cause high BP, heart disease and even stomach cancer.

If you want to reduce your salt intake, you can consume the easily available low salt versions of soy sauce.

You can enjoy soy sauce in your diet if you are willing to limit the consumption of processed foods.

High in MSG

MSG-Is MSG really toxic. Find out the truth

MSG is basically a flavour enhancer. Found naturally in some foods, it is mostly used as a food additive.

Eating foods high in MSG was once connected to headaches, weakness and palpitations but recent studies say that it is not a cause for concern.

Contains cancer-causing substances

When made chemically, soy sauce has toxins in it that can cause harm if they exceed the safety limit. Therefore, it is best to go in for fermented soy sauce.

Has amines in it

Soy sauce has amines in it and if you are sensitive to them, you should either limit your intake of the sauce or avoid it completely.

Has Gluten and wheat


Soy sauce contains gluten and wheat making it is unsuitable for those who are celiac or allergic to wheat. Though there is a wheat and gluten free soy sauce option, it is best advised that you stay away from it if you are allergic to wheat or gluten. Read labels properly before purchasing the product. Most brands have a gluten free variety too so that celiac consumers can also enjoy the sauce.

While eating out, ensure that the soy sauce brand used by the restaurant is gluten-free or not.

Health benefits of soy sauce

There are some health benefits of consuming soy sauce:

Before you get too happy please note that the above benefits are based on a research carried out on animals and small groups. So, please wait for more human studies.

So Is Soy Sauce Good For You?

There are certain health risks linked with the consumption of soy sauce but that is more with the chemically processed one. You can try the traditionally made soy sauce in that case.

Soy sauce can be consumed moderately in your diet.

I hope you found out whether soy sauce is good for you or not!

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