Spending Time Alone Is A Therapy- Know Why!


Spending Time Alone Is A Therapy- Know Why!

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Being left alone is probably the worst thing in life. Everybody wants to have loved ones around them always and that probably is human nature. However, at times spending some time with yourself can be therapeutic. If you don’t agree, have a look at the benefits of spending some time alone,

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1) It helps clear your mind

Monotonous work life can get on your nerves after a point of time. All you need is a spending a few hours in solitude to clear whatever is there is your head and escape from the mechanical life that you lead.

2) You can do what you like

Most often we end up listening to people’s advice and do things there way but when you are alone you can do what you actually want to do without even bothering about what the other person may think. When left alone, you can do what your heart yearns to do. Lying on the couch lazily, doing some gardening or reading a book that means a world to you are some of the things you can do when left in solitude.

3) You learn more about yourself

Being alone helps you find out more about yourself as there is no distraction around you. This gives you the best time to know what your priorities are in life. The ‘me’ time you gift yourself is something you truly deserve.

4) You get more creative

Creativity increases when you have the time to think over stuff. Being alone gives you the space and the time to explore new avenues and come up with new ideas.

5) There is no competition

When you are alone, you have no competition and pressure to perform. It is a refreshing change from your routine work life where you have to be at your best at all times. Staying alone helps you be the actual you without the need of any pretence.

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6) It helps you get rejuvenated

Being amongst people all the time can lead to the building up of stress. The best stress buster is to run away from all those people and find a corner where you can spend some time with yourself. You will get rejuvenated on doing so and become ready to face life again.

7) It helps in improving your focus

When you stay alone, you won’t be distracted and this will help in getting more work done. In other words, solitude improves focus and increases productivity. When working on an important office assignment it is advised that you choose a quiet corner for yourself to be able to come out with the best.

8) Staying alone relieves anxiety

Several thoughts can pop up in your mind and some of them can be pretty disturbing and can cause anxiety. Spending time with yourself helps in setting your thoughts straight and getting all the negativity out of your mind.

9) It helps in slowing you down

Life is often treated as a race, whoever runs fast emerges as the winner but this is not true! Life isn’t a race. However, we tend to treat it as one and miss out on tiny joy filled moments in which true happiness lies. When you are alone, you slow down and take time to enjoy the little things in life.

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