Spinning-Fastest Way To Get Ripped


Spinning-Fastest Way To Get Ripped

I have been working my ass off, after I realized this is birthday month! In fact I just need a reason to do that 😉 after a hard day at work, I look forward to working out, and it keeps me fit, fresh and happy like a baby. But a word of caution to the workout freaks, if one day your body is not in a happy mood, do not push yourself, just relax at home, enjoy a nice book, sip some green tea and enjoy a nice meal and sleep off. Yes I do that sometimes.

Now let me update you on a very recent love of mine, the spinning machine. Have you tried taking a spinning class? It is mind blowing. Let me tell you, how we do it. If you gym does not have a spinning machine, request them to get one or better buy one to fit into your home 😛

A word of caution here, you may think it is just a regular looking exercise bike at your gym, but look closely; it is different and lot more gruelling.  And mind you it is addictive 😉

Spinning-Fastest Way To Get Ripped

pic 1

1. Bored of treadmill?


Pic 3 treadmill boring

I can’t seem to like the treadmill ever, I always find it very tough to run for an hour or even walk at a particular speed. I find it boring to the letter G. Do you have similar thoughts?

And believe it or not a spinning machine burns more calories than any other machine. A spinning class is a way to go at first, in my gym we have spinning machines, I love them. I am so hooked on to it now.

2. Doesn’t hurt your knees!

Many people with arthritis and other knee issues cannot use the treadmill or do aerobics etc. but with the spinning machine, it doesn’t put pressure on your knees.  I get a very good workout, best part is there is no timer on the machine, you don’t keep a tab of ten or twelve minutes, you just do it till you are exhausted. It gives me such a kick, trust me.

3. Burns more calories than any other cardio machine!

Hands up if you hate treadmill, well a very lesser known fact, spinning class makes you burn lots of calories, even more than your leisure walks on the treadmill, relaxing stationery cycle etc., thus, take a spin class if that is around in your gym or at a fitness centre. You burn around 500 calories per hour in a spinning workout.  This is way more than what you do on your boring treadmill.

Pic 2 spinning standing

4. Give a good abs workout:

It is said, till now I have not seen any effect on me, (I eat sweets L) damn! It works on the abdomen muscles, helps flattening the stomach and sides. The effect is slower and attained after regular practise. My aim is to get a flat stomach and a leaner back!

5. Toned legs:

In a spin class or otherwise, spinning helps in toning up of the legs, I usually do the spinning while standing, I sit down only if I want to relax, and I spin fast in intervals. That is how a spin class works.  Thus, the after effect being is toned legs! Do remember, femur being the largest bone in our body helps us to lose weight over all.

6. Mental strength:

Apart from physical stamina, you gain mental strength by the challenging session of spinning. I turn the knob few notches higher to make the workout tough. It makes you mentally fit. And finally when I end my workout, I feel accomplished.

Try a spin class or see some videos online, use the spin machine more often at your gym, wear good sports shoes, tighten your feet to the machine and spin your way to weight loss. But don’t forget to include some weight training in your workout. It is a great way to boost your metabolism.

Will you try Spinning?

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