Spring Cleansing Diet – How To Do It Right?


Spring Cleansing Diet – How To Follow It?

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According to Chinese medicine, spring emphasizes new growth. Just how Earth nourishes dormant seeds and brings forth new life at this time of the year, spring is the right time to take advantage of its activating energy by heading outdoors and enjoying the warmer and brighter days.

When you eat in harmony with the season, your body can regenerate itself and bloom!

Spring Cleansing Diet

It is not mandatory that you fast to cleanse your body. However, you might want to change certain foods according to the season. A spring diet should concentrate on green veggies, light veggie soups and foods that have a cleansing effect. These foods help lighten the load for your nervous system and are known as Liver channel in Oriental medicine. Consuming lighter diet will also provide nourishment and support the body as there is an outburst of energy during spring season.

Consume more greens

green beans health benefits

Start the spring cleansing of the body by adding more greens to your plate. Choose dark leafy greens along with the young leafy greens. Go for what is seasonal and easily available. Read about the benefits of eating seasonal foods here!

Lighten up

mood lift leafy greens

It is quite appropriate to reduce heavy meat and carb consumption in this season. Reducing heavy sauces is also right. During spring you may even feel that you crave less for these heavy foods. So, in place of red meat and bread, have a green salad with baked fish. You can also try eating bread made from sprouted grains as a great alternative to the regular white flour variety. This kind of bread can be consumed all year round and not just during spring.

Eat raw foods

raw veggies

A 100% raw diet is not for everyone but spring time is the right time to include some raw fruits and veggies in your diet. This will not just make you feel less dense but the minerals and enzymes present in raw produce will give a wellness boost to your body.

Go in for naturally sweet stuff

paneer fruit chaat

Shun the sugar loaded goodies and go in for seasonal fruit to soothe your sweet tooth. You get loads of fresh and yummy fruits in spring. Make a nice bowl of fruit chaat for yourself and enjoy your way to good health.

Drink teas

women-drink-herbal-tea-for weight loss

You can add some refreshing teas as a great addition to your spring diet. You can have green tea, mint tea for natural cleansing or ‘detox’. The herbal teas can be sipped cold too if you don’t like them hot. Try to add a pinch of sea salt and sliced lemon to your glass of water for some extra zing and for the extra hydrating effect.

Go herby

Coriander health benefits

You can consider adding cleansing, cooling an refreshing herbs and spices to your light meals such as green spring onions, coriander, oregano, green garlic and fennel seeds.

It is not a rigid diet as you can see for yourself. It just asks you to make a little tweaks here and there.

Hope you liked reading about the spring cleansing diet!

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