Stairwell Workout For Weight Loss

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Women running on stairs

Stairwell Workout For Weight Loss

Heya Guys!

How are you? Its been so long since I did a post on workout, it has been all about food lately… But today am gonna talk about work out, a workout that can be done at home and help you burn up-to 200 calories in 20 minutes flat! How about that!! It just involves you and your staircase.

With many of us living in apartments/buildings we generally can get easy access to stairs, or even your office building may have a staircase, so there is no running from this workout 🙂 Do you remember Mona singh, the “Jassi” she was fat and everything, until she started to lose weight during a dance show. In one of the episode she said that her dance trainer made her climb the stairs for long intervals, and all the people in the building talking about it. So how can something as easy as climbing stairs be amounting to weight loss you ask? That is exactly where this work out comes in.

First the basics, you need to wear the right shoes, you trainers would work well, look for something that supports your ankles, just like the shoes you would wear for running. And comfortable airy clothes are  advisable.

Now the work out:

1. Warm UP: This is really important, never begin a workout without warm up, unless you want an injury. Climb up the stairs at regular pace, this will help the blood flow to the working muscles. Do this for 2 mins. If you don’t have many flights, just come down at regular pace, and continue climbing up. Keep your posture, that is straight back and shoulders back.

Women running on stairs
Women running on stairs

2. Now that you are all warmed up, start from the bottom of the stairs and start running up the stairs. But while coming down just walk, putting pressure on your heels rather than the knees. Repeat for 5 minutes. Set a timer, you can download the timer app from playstore/android market.


3. Now that your legs are killed, almost, start working out your arms, do 15 push up (2 times) using stair as a support for your hands. Next turn and do your triceps work out as shown in the picture below. Same count, 15 triceps push up (2 times). Note, always keep your hands at shoulder length and legs must be 90 degree to the floor during the triceps push up (for beginners) and no bend in the knees during the push ups.


4. Repeat Step 2.

5. Mountain climbers: This is what your abs need! Place yourself in plank position on the step as shown below, then bend you right knee and bring it closer to your chest, crunching your stomach in. repeat with left leg. Do 20 of these 2 times.


6. Last Lap! Run up the steps for 2 minutes only this time.

I know you may feel, this one is too taxing, but hey you cannot burn calories the easy way, if it was easy everyone would be doing it! Go for it.

After the workout don’t forget to stretch or you are going to have a hard time the next day :p I don’t see why we cannot do this on the days when we are “not feeling like going to the gym” or include it with our workout.


Hope you like the workout and try it, let me know your views or amendments. Like or comment below, it means a lot to us 🙂

This is Pooja, signing off… Ciao!

Will you try the stairwell workout?

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