Starvation Diet-Why It Is A Bad Idea?


Starvation Diet-Why It Is A Bad Idea?

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Hello All!!!

Starvation and I have a very cordial relationship :P. I have written my 10th, 12th board exams, my UG exams and my MBA exams on an empty stomach! No, I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone and I never did this on purpose! Food and water never enter me during crucial situations even today! So, I know how a person feels when he or she is starving! Mine is a different story altogether. I have never starved for weight loss, all my life I have only yearned to put on weight as you all must be knowing. I am still not able to achieve the ideal body weight 🙁 Okay, so enough of ranting here. Let’s proceed with the post!

There are many girls on out IWB group on Facebook who say that they are not losing weight in spite of eating nothing. Let me tell all of you that in order to lose weight and keep it off you need to keep eating in a consistent manner. With a starvation diet you may lose weight but that will not be the right kind of weight. Starvation diets cause a loss in muscle mass and water weight out of dehydration. This isn’t good as losing muscle mass will decrease the speed of your metabolism. Muscle is naturally known to burn more calories than fat.

Feeling of hunger

Paleo - The Cave Men Diet evolution

The feeling of hunger is natural. In fact it is a survival mechanism. For the early man it was a signal that it is time to search for food or to start hunting. He did so to get energy and survive for another day. If he couldn’t find food, his body would enter into the starvation mode. The body would then start conserving calories and store them as fat. This starvation mechanism is valid till this date when you don’t eat food for a long period of time. But life is easy today as you can get food from almost anywhere and you needn’t go hunting for it 😛

The starvation diet

Your body is unable to find out the difference between a restrictive diet and actual starvation. When you happen to consume too few calories, your body begins to conserve calories in order to be able to carry out necessary body functions like maintaining a normal heartbeat and breathing. This leads to a decrease in your metabolism. When you are off the restrictive diet and start eating normally, the chances of gaining back the lost weight are there. You will also gain some extra weight due to the slower metabolic rate.

Side effects of a starvation diet

When you don’t eat for extended amounts of time, you can suffer from short-term side effects like a decrease in attention span, irritability and fatigue. A starvation diet when followed for a long term can result in absence of periods in women, loss of hair, osteoporosis and nutrient deficiencies. Both the brain and muscles need carbs obtained from food for energy. In the absence of carbs, the brain and muscles don’t perform optimally.

A better strategy for weight loss

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A better way of losing weight is by bringing in a slow change in daily habits and choosing new ways of eating and preparing foods that can be made a part of your lifestyle. You should aim for weight loss of half or one kilo per week as anything more than that is not true weight loss. In fact it is loss of water weight that keeps fluctuating.

Hope you found this post useful!

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