7 Traditional Ways To Stay Cool This Summer


Ways To Stay Cool This Summer!

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In today’s world, where we get everything at the click of the button, switching to traditional methods seems weird. However, embracing the age-old methods of living is advantageous to our modern lifestyle. Here are some traditional ways to stay cool this summer!

1) Using the clay cooler

clay pots health benefits

Clay pots or the matkas can be great for storing drinking water during the scorching summer. They don’t just offer cooling but also absorb impurities and toxins from the water. This is why the water stored in the matka has a sweet taste. You can get matkas of different sizes and store upto 10 litres of water in them.

2) Use Khus

Khus or vetiver comes handy when the heat becomes unbearable. The roots of this grass are woven into a mat and hung on the doorway to keep the heat away. The mats have to be kept moist by spraying water onto them every now and then. Apart from cooling down the passing air, these mats give out a soothing aroma. There are a lot of refreshing summer drinks that are made from khus as it gives a cooling effect.

3) The pot-in-pot fridge

Also called zeer, the pot-in-pot refrigerator can pose as a good tool in order to preserve the perishable foods like veggies. This system is based on the theory of evaporative cooling and works without any electricity. It comprises of 2 concentric earthern pots that are separated by a layer of wet sand. In some Indian household people use the steel replica of a zeer in order to preserve perishable food items like cheese, butter and yoghurt.

4) The towel and bucket remedy

May sound strange but it works! You need to fill a bucket with either cold water or cubes of ice and then soak a towel in it. It should be such arranged that half of the soaked towel remains in the bucket and the remaining half is hung outside. By this method, the room temperature stays low during hot summer nights.

5) Eat fruits and veggies


In summers it is advisable to eat fresh veggies such as leafy greens and bottle gourds. Include a lot of lettuce, spinach, radish, cabbage and tomatoes in your diet. Have cucumber in your salad. It is high in water content and can be great way to beat the heat. Talking about fruits, include a lot of fresh fruits water melon, bel and cocum. These summer fruits fight all the summer ailments. It would also be a good idea to include a lot of conventional drinks like sugarcane juice, aam panna, sweet lime juice, jal jeera, lassi, chach and thandai. Go ahead and enjoy the summer with these delicious drinks.

6) Herbal hacks

Herbs and plants are known to possess natural cooling properties that help relax processes in the body. There are so many herbs that are tonics and are great blood cleansers. Even amla and brahmi are known to have a calming effect and help in reducing stress. Herbal tea is a good remedy for heatstroke and fever as it is a natural coolant.

7) Drinking water


You will sweat in summer and this will cause loss of water. If you don’t drink enough water, you may suffer from dehydration. You may also suffer from a pH imbalance making you susceptible to several diseases including stomach ailments.  So, drink the required quota of water and keep trouble away.

Hope you liked this post on how to stay cool this summer!

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