Tasty Ways Of Staying Hydrated


Check Out The Tasty Ways Of Staying Hydrated!

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Water comprises of about 55 percent of the adult human body and is essential for many bio-chemical processes. With proper hydration, our heart, brain and muscles do their functions properly. In short, for the maintenance of good health, you need to stay well hydrated.

However, the idea of guzzling down the daily allotment of water is not very convincing. So, we turn to other liquids and foods and make the whole idea about hydration interesting.

According to dieticians, 20 percent of the daily intake of fluid should be from food sources.

Hop on to find out tasty ways of staying hydrated!

Water rich fruits and veggies


Indulging in fruits and veggies rich in water are a great alternative way to keep you hydrated. Take watermelon for instance, it is 92% water and is a great choice for post-workout rehydration. It is a tasty way of quenching your thirst. There are many other fruits and veggies that are rich in water content, check them out:

  • Cucumber and lettuce have 96% water
  • Zucchini, celery and radishes have 95% water
  • Tomatoes and cabbage have 93% each
  • Strawberries and grapefruits have 91%
  • Musk melons have 90%


easy vegan salad

A salad can be a great way to rehydrate after a work out if you add water rich veggies and fruits into it. Begin with lettuce, and add water-rich veggies like cucumber, spinach, celery and berries. If you want to add in a protein element, you can add grilled chicken or boiled egg to it. Vegans can add boiled chickpeas for their protein.

Soup broth

Chicken soup recipe

Chicken broth not just keeps you warm but also helps you stay hydrated. It has been found that chicken broth soup increases the body’s fluid restoration much better than sports drinks that are being overhyped. Opt for a low sodium broth as too much of salt consumption can lead to dehydration.


four berry smoothie

Smoothies are a quick meal and an easy way to add in extra protein to your diet. Apart from all this, they also help in boosting hydration. You can add anything to your smoothie! Water, milk, coconut milk, celery, cucumber, ice cubes and strawberries can easily be added. This way you will sneak in nutritious stuff into your smoothie. So, along with hydration, you get vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

Coconut water

Benefits Of Drinking Tender Coconut Water

Coconut water is beyond being sweet and delicious. Do you know that the electrolyte content in it makes it an acceptable IV hydration fluid (for a short term). Studies say that plain water, coconut water and sports drinks all provide similar hydration. So, if you happen to be bored of regular water, you can grab some fresh coconut water.

Herbal tea

green herbal tea

Herbal tea is another substitute for water as it is mostly water. Choose flavors like mint, chamomile and the like. Limit teas that are diuretic in nature. Avoid caffeine infused teas also.


Blueberry And Yoghurt Popsicles Recipe

When you make ice pops from 100% fruit juice, it works as a refreshing snack post workout. Don’t use artificially sweetened juices or the ones that have loads of sugar in them. Make your own fresh juice for the popsicles.

Hope you liked reading this post on tasty ways of staying hydrated!

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