Steam Bath-Rules And Precautions For Beginners


Steam Bath-Rules And Precautions For Beginners

Hello Everyone,

I am trying to be regular at the gym nowadays. Last weekend, I literally pushed myself to enter the steam room. Not that I have never used a steam room before, I was simply lazy 😛

I must confess that the experience last week was horrible. I ignored some of the rules and had to rush out of the steam room within 10 minutes.

Steam Bath-Rules And Precautions For Beginners

steam bath

Use a large towel or bath robe for draping. Do not wear clothes inside the steam room, it makes no sense. I prefer using a bath robe, for all you know, you might have company in the steam room.

Do not use perfumes or any khushbu wale oils please. Its irritating if people are sharing steam rooms.

Do not eat a big meal before using the steam room. Eat at least 2 hours before.

Do hydrate yourself before using the steam room. I had goppled 1 litre of water before entering the steam room. I felt extremely dehydrated after 5-6 minutes. I think its a better idea to take a water bottle inside and keep sipping water. In fact, I felt my heart pumping so hard in less than 10 minutes that I had to walk out. I am sure I would have completed my timer of 15 minutes if I had carried a water bottle inside.

If you are taking steam for the first time, do not exceed more than 5 minutes.

If you have high BP or palpitation or asthma, please do consult a doctor before using the steam room.

Taking a warm shower before entering a steam room and a cool shower after taking steam helps the body to transition from room temperature to hot and back. I did not carry fresh clothes since the steam room is in the apartment facility, I wore the gym clothes back again and showered at home.

If you feel uneasy, leave the steam room immediately and have water. Sit for a while and give your body some time to relax.

Steam room Steam Bath-Rules And Precautions For Beginners

Pregnant ladies – please avoid using steam rooms.

Ladies – if you have long hair, carry a clutch. You won’t want your hair on your sweaty face or back.

Beginners can take steam bath once or maximum twice a week. Pro can take steam bath every alternate day, after all its relaxation and heavenly for sore muscles 🙂

This is it! If you think I have missed something, please feel free to let me know using the comment section below.

See you all again



Ready for a steam bath? Keep the above tips in mind!

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