The First 5 Steps For A Healthy Body


Steps For A Healthy Body!

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To own a healthy body you need to make certain lifestyle changes. Like you need to eat diet that has balanced amounts of fruits and veggies as they are immensely good for you. The rewards of walking on the path of good health are many as your mind and soul will also get benefitted.

Here are a few steps for a healthy body!

1) Make a plan and ensure that you follow it

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First decide how many kilos you want to lose and within how many months? You need to set up some realistic targets and make a note of your progress. It would be advisable to ask a friend to join you in your journey. Having a diet buddy will help you keep a better track of your workout and you can even compare notes. Keep yourself surrounded with motivational quotes and visualize your goal. It can be anything from a slimmer you to a healthier you. Whatever is your goal, just keep visualizing it.

2) Get lots of greens

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Choose more green veggies, that too dark leafy greens. They are filled with fibre and have a lot of vitamins, minerals, enzymes and antioxidants in it. Green smoothies and juices are quite in vogue. Many people have it along with their breakfast. In fact, juicing is a great way of getting the goodness of fruits and veggies on a daily basis. It reduces inflammation along with giving you an energy boost. It does wonders for your immune system.

3) Choose a workout that is enjoyable

Top Exercises To Lose Weight zumba

You should add such a workout to your daily regimen that helps in adding muscle and at the same time helps you lose fat. One such great option is Zumba. It is a fun way to fitness. All you need to is move along with the beats of Latin music. And it is something easy to do. If you want to go in for something milder, try doing Pilates or even hatha yoga. These exercises will strengthen your muscles and improve flexibility.

If you can’t run, try your hand at walking or swimming. Whatever you do should be what you love doing.

4) Do not try to mix carbs and proteins

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Mixing carbs and protein slows down the digestive process as proteins get digested in a different way than carbs. Mixing acidic foods such as cheese, meat and fish along with alkaline fruits and veggies can cause fermentation in the intestines. It is advised not to mix protein (for eg. Meat) and carbs (for eg. baked potato) in the same meal. This is what nutritionists have to say about the combination.

5) Always reward yourself if there is progress

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Being strict with yourself and giving yourself a punishment isn’t going to be helpful. So, when you feel that you are getting closer to your goal, try indulging. Doing so will not make your healthy diet feel like a punishment. Treat yourself with a small piece of chocolate brownie or your favourite ice cream.

The bottom line

Getting obsessed with your daily food intake and pushing yourself to the extreme is not a good idea. You need to eat and exercise in moderation and have realistic goals. Find the right balance so that you stay healthy!

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