8 Steps To Protect Your Joints


How To Protect Your Joints?

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Your joints roll, glide, rotate and bend to let you walk, run or jump. Over the years there are chances that you develop arthritis or other joint related conditions. Even normal joints can deteriorate with the passage of time. Here are some basic steps to protect your joints.

8 Steps To Protect Your Joints


1) Work at your desk the right way

At work place, ensure that your chair is not too low. The higher your chair the less you need to bend to sit down or get up. Your knees and hips will thank you. Make sure that you need not hunch over your desk to type or write. Also your elbows and forearms should be comfortably supported and your thighs should be parallel to the ground.

2) Maintain the right posture

When not in action mode, you should maintain the right posture. Maintenance of a good posture will put less strain on your joints. This would not be easy as most of us tend to slump or slouch. Your shoulders, knees and hips will feel tight with a good posture.

3) Use your joints right

If you don’t to put pressure on your joint, you would also not want to under use them. It would be better to have a perfect balance between motion and rest. Joints don’t like overuse or abuse. On the other hand, they don’t like too much of rest too! If you are sitting too much, you better get up every hour and move around a bit.

4) Treat your joints

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Get a good soak! A nice warm bath will help in soothing and relaxing your muscles and joints. If possible get some professional massages done. Acupuncture is one way out if you happen to suffer from achy joints.

5) Eat healthy

How much you weigh really matters when it comes to joint health. The less you weigh, the lesser the strain on your joints. While walking down stairs, your knees absorb a force that is 5 times greater than your body weight. Even if you walk on a flat surface, it will be difficult for your joints if the load is too much. To keep excess of kilos away, you should eat healthy. Consume less cups of coffee as it has been found that caffeine weakens the bones and joints. Consume foods rich in omega 3 like fish and nuts to reduce inflammation of the joints. Get enough calcium and vitamin D too.

6) Keep using your joints

Use your joints or you will lose their full mobility. So, stretch out each day for a few minutes. Find time and stretch your fingers, arms, wrists and ankles. If you are a proper workout person you need to stretch both before and after your exercise.

7) Gain some muscle

You can’t have strong joints without muscles to support them so you need to gain muscle. Gaining muscle will also be helpful in making you lose weight, which is ultimately good for your joints.

8) Act according to your age

We might just be ignoring that fact that we are ageing but the bitter truth is that will years passing by we are not getting any younger. So, don’t keep your expectations too high, instead adjust them according to your age. Be selective about the activities you choose. If you are a grandmother and you are watching your grand kids playing football, it would be better to sit and cheer instead of playing with them.

Hope you found this post ‘8 Steps To Protect Your Joints‘ useful!

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