Stevi0cal Review-Stevia Sweetener India


Stevi0cal Review-Stevia Sweetener India

Hello People,

It’s midweek, and I am counting days already for the weekend. This weekend Friday is off, yayyyyy 🙂 . Since its a long weekend, I will be Mia! Will keep posting pics on Facebook 🙂 . Many people ping me with a request “Add me”, you can join me on Facebook here.

Without further delay, let me quickly get down to business 😀 . Most of the people here know that I prefer to stay low-moderate carbs, this will be a lifestyle , at least for this life! I love tea and just a little sweet to be precise since I don’t have a sweet tooth! Sugar is not an option for me, so stevia is hands down my best bet. I have tried various brands of Stevia and always ordered online. One of the brand that I tried earlier was Stevias, you can read about it here.

This time I got my hands on Stevi0cal in a hope for a permanent solution. Let’s see if it worked!

steviocal sweetener 1

My experience with Stevi0cal

I am in love! This is hands down the best stevia sweetener I have used till date. This does not have a bitter after taste like most of the stevia sweeteners. In fact, I have put stevia in  my tea while the tea was still cooking. Still it did not taste bitter, nothing can be more bliss 😉 . I will stick to Stevi0cal for life, hope they don’t discontnue it 😛

Stevi0cal is available in 1 gram sachets and bottle. Both are powder forms. I have always preferred tablets but this has worked out better. Since it does not have a bitter after taste, I have used this powder in lemon water and curd also 🙂

steviocal sweetener

Stevi0cal has a cute looking fat jar packaging. The jar is unbreakable, yes I tried!

Nutrition Facts

1 serving has .78 grams carbs. This means that I intake 3-4 grams carbs maximum, in case of 3-4 tea/coffee. Absolutely fine with me.

steviocal sweetener ingredients

Price and Availability

Rs 324 for 200 grams. If you order from Stevi0cal website, free shipping is there only on the orders above Rs 500 else a shipping of Rs 50. This time I have ordered 2 jars to save shipping 😛 . This is also available on leading pharmacies offline.

steviocal sweetener price

Do try Stevi0cal and let me know your thoughts !


Rating…. 3/5

Signing off!


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