Why Do You Have Stomach Issues During Menstruation?

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Find Out Why Do You Have Stomach Issues During Menstruation!

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Many girls dread that time of the month when they have terrible mood swings and even worse cramps. However, the party doesn’t end there, as there are also things like bloating, constipation or diarrhea. If you are clueless about why your stomach goes crazy every time you have your period, keep reading!

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Why does digestion go haywire during your period?

When you have your period, there are fluctuations in the hormonal levels and that is why you are so moody at this time. But the hormones don’t just stop with sabotaging your mood, they affect your digestive system too. According to a recent study, 28% of healthy women have diarrhea when they have menses. The two major hormones that control your monthly cycle are estrogen and progesterone. However, progesterone is the main reason behind your tummy woes.

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How progesterone affects your digestion?

The level of the hormone progesterone rises in a gradual manner through the cycle. It reaches the peak 5 to 7 days before your period. Progestrone is a muscle relaxant and so it decreases bowel contractions which make you more likely to get constipated during this period.

During the end of your cycle, your progesterone level quickly drops and when it reaches the lowest, your period starts. The low level of the hormone means that bowel contractions are back and food passes along faster leading to diarrhea.

Other hormones that cause Stomach Issues During Menstruation

Another reason of getting diarrhea during periods is prostaglandins. It is a group of compounds similar to hormones that increase bowel contractions. They also increase water content in the small intestine and that is why the stools are loose and unformed.

Factors that increase risk of stomach problems

Do you wonder why you have such terrible digestive issues during periods while your friends are hardly affected during their time of the month? Here are some factors that increase you risk of stomach problems during periods:


Your genetic make-up plays an important role in the health of your reproductive system. And that is why PMS and other reproductive issues run in the families. If your mom or sis have digestive issues during periods, it is quite possible that you will have them too.

IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)

93 percent of women with bowel diseases like IBS suffer from increased gastrointestinal symptoms during that time of the month. Diarrhea is one common complaint. If you have IBS, talk to your doctor and adjust your diet plan to avoid diarrhea during menstruation

Low fibre diet

Fibre acts as a bulking agent and absorbs excess water. If your diet is low in fibre it is more likely for you to have loose motions. Ensure you eat a high fibre diet as it will help reduce the severity of bloating and cramps. So, eat as healthy as you can.

High caffeine consumption

Caffeine is a natural laxative and drinking coffee can be disastrous when you have periods. So, even if you can’t stay with your cup of coffee, try to skip it during that time of the month.

Hope this post on Stomach Issues During Menstruation has been useful!

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