Strange Yoga Kriyas For Health And Detoxification


Strange Yoga Kriyas For Health And Detoxification

Hi all,

We saw some doable kriyas in my earlier post, let me enlighten you with few more which are really strange and sort of obnoxious. Personally I have never done any of these, and I will not be doing as I am a tad bit scared. I suggest if you are not a licensed yoga practitioner, that you should not do these without supervision.

The idea of all these Kriyas are performed for detoxification, internal health, well being etc.

Let us see some of them for instance:

1. Vasti kriya:

Vasti kriya-Some Amazing Yoga Kriyas

A colon cleansing kriyas, I hope you know what I am getting into. Vasti is used to clean and evacuate the lower bowels. To perform this, you use a thin, hollow bamboo tube inserted into the anus. You have to sit in a tub of water in squat position. and while performing Vasti you need to do the stomach rotation kriya (Nauli). The bamboo tube is now replaced with a soft tube (on which you apply vaseline for ease) with sort of a vacuum at the end, . I know it sounds gross and icky. I won’t do this ever 🙁

Some Amazing Yoga Kriyas

2. Kavala graha or oil pulling:

Some Amazing Yoga Kriyas-oil pulling

This kriya is  not as obnoxious as the above but still it is something your mouth. It is like a gargle, but hold on not with water but with oil. Yes 😛 You take any cold pressed oil and roll it within your mouth but not swallow it. The technique known as oil pulling or oil swishing assists in the process of pulling out oral toxins. Just as the skin excretes body waste and toxins, the tongue eliminates toxins and harmful microbes from the body. This is a doable kriya, but I still can’t take oily taste in my  mouth 🙁

The whole process takes about 15-20 minutes, that means oil remains inside your mouth for that long!!!!

3. Dhauti & Vastra Dhauti:

You may have heard about this one, this is sort of an advanced kriyas and takes a lot of practice and guidance. In dhauti which is similar to kunjal kriya, you drink lukewarm water mixed with salt. You drink the water and stand near a basin, lower your body and stick your tongue inside the throat making you throw up. This helps in eliminating toxins from the body. The Dhauti kriya should be done on empty stomach.

In Sutra Dhauti is called stomach purification where you need 3 metres of cotton cloth in length and 10 cms wide, the cloth is inserted inside the body through the mouth. One word of caution, please do not do it without a yoga practitioner.

vastra dhauti some amazing yoga kriyas


4. Rubber neti/Sutra neti:

In Rubber neti, a waxed cotton string is inserted into the nose and then pulled out from the mouth. Then both ends are held with the hands and nasal cleaning is done by to and fro motion of the strings. Rubber neti is to performed early in the morning before having any meals and after brushing the teeth. The rubber neti helps in clearing nasal area and any problems related with that. It is supposed to cure asthama and various nose related problems like sinuses, headaches etc.

Students perform Rubber Neti in Chandigarh

Hope you all like reading this post, but please do not perform this without guidance.

Stay safe and healthy.

Love Vrinda

Did you find the kriyas intriguing?

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