Stress And Hypothyroid-My Experience With The Duo!


Stress And Hypothyroid-My Experience With The Duo!

Hello Everyone,

Warnings first – This is a rant post! If you still wish to read, go on lol 😛

stress & weight gain

There has been a lot happening in my life on a personal front in the past few months. I have been continuously under stress for some or the other reason. I am quite shameless that way and can’t help party and be happy even in difficult times. After all, happiness is a state of mind not your life 😉 .

But since I am not a very peaceful person and like to overthink, I have unknowingly stressed my little brain way way too much. Unfortunately, the stress has taken a toll on me. And this time when I did my thyroid tests, my TSH was 6.60 which is a little above the range.  When I checked 2 months back, the number on the report was 4.9. So yeah, now am stressed about thyroid and the irony is that stress is only going to make it worse, sigh! I usually do the tests after 4 months but I woke up from sleep after a weight gain of 2-3 kgs and thought something is not right so let’s get the tests done!

Most of the weight loss or fitness bloggers may not accept that they fall off the band wagon sometimes. They like to be perfect. Sadly, I am not perfect in anyway. I do accept that I have not been very good girl off late and have prioritized other things more than my health. Life is not perfect, neither did it promise to be.

I have not been taking medicines since the last one year and perhaps need a small dose now. I have decided not to irk my brain too much. I realize how stress has made me gain weight and once again brought hypothyroid to my table.

Let me quickly share a bit of my research about Stress And Hypothyroid –

Stress is fully capable of aggravating your thyroid condition if you have it already. Like in my case, I already recovered from hypothyroid last year but the devil returned. When you are in stress, your body releases stress hormone called cortisol which interferes with thyroid hormone production: It can make your thyroid gland to struggle in order to produce sufficient amounts of thyroid hormone.

de-stress-and weight lossIf you are experiencing mood swings frequently, feeling low and/or gaining weight – it could be stress or hypothyroidism or BOTH. Stress and hypothyroidism are like wife and husband, they go hand in hand 😉 . So if you have hypothyroid, you are likely to feel stressed, fatigued and low. If you have stress, you are likely to affect your thyroid.

Thyroid can be treated with medicines and healthy diet. But stress can’t just vanish with a medicine. Small changes in your attitude and lifestyle can do wonders.

Stress Management  8 Ways To Reduce Stress (1)

For the next few months, I am planning to

-Enjoy and live the way I want, without worrying about silly things.

-Workout for at least 1 hour , 5-6 days a week. I had switched to working out 3-4 times a week but now I need to get back!

-Sleep for at least 8 hours. Doesn’t matter if I miss a movie or a salary hike 😛

-Stick to the meal plan. Else I am going to be killed by someone

-Post more rant posts on IWB, I mean i’ll keep you updated

See you again!



Do you too suffer from stress and hypothyroid?

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  1. Stress is a killer. I stressed a lot for a couple of months due to work pressure and ended up with heavy migraines, chest pain and palpitations. It took 1 week for the chest pain to go and 2 weeks for the headache, but I am still recovering. Finally i have taken to working out and good meals and requested for reduction of work, I don’t want to think how it is going to effect my promotions and hike. Anyways, take care and I hope you will be doing well soon.

  2. Feeling really bad to know that your thyroid problem has surfaced again Tarun. But I know that you will be free of it pretty soon because you are a real fighter! Love you my brave Tarun!

  3. tarun, same here my TSH went to 5, i got so freaked out.. but with meditation and with discipline in eating, excersing and sleeping habit i manged to get it down by 3. i am sure in matter of few days you will bring it down, just bring thoda discipline.

  4. What medication you took Swati? Thyronorm? what dose?
    Hows ur PCOD now? My testosterone is way under control now, thank God!

  5. No i dint take any medicines, i decided to handle PCOD and TSH with my low carb diet and regular cardio and yoga. and both of them has gone down in 2months. though haven’t lost all that gained weight but i am sure within next 2 months i fill be back to me earlier self. 🙂 someone had told me just stick to the basics, eat clean, workout hard and sleep well, you will get results..


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