Two Types of Stress and Ways of Managing Them

How to De-Stress and Lose Weight

Find Out Ablout The Two Types of Stress and Ways of Managing Them

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‘De-stress’, we get to hear this term too often. Everyone wants to unwind and get rid of stress but you should be aware of the fact that not every stress is the same. Stress is seen most often in a negative light and while it does hamper our ability to eat properly and enjoy life, you should not be demonizing it. The fact is that stress can be classified into two categories and they are as follows:

  • Negative stress
  • Positive stress

Both of them affect our body but in two different ways. Here are both the types of stress and ways of managing them,

How does negative stress affect your brain?

Negative stress is the overwhelming kind of stress that arises when things are not in your control and are not taking you to the purpose of your life. This kind of a stress hampers your mind’s ability to function, your moods and decision making along with forcing a part of the brain to get into a frenzied state. Due to stress, the brain releases hormones like adrenaline and cortisol that cause long-term and short-term damage to your health.

How does positive stress affect your brain?

In our lives, we set certain purposes or goals for ourselves and that brings in good stress. This is a kind of stress that has positive end results but there are always chances of opposition when you tread on the path. This kind of stress is within our control and gives us the liberty to set our goals.

Example of positive stress

A classic example of positive stress is taking up an educational course. At the end of it, new doors will get opened but the journey itself will be stressful at times as you have deadlines to meet and prepare for your exams.

The way positive stress affects your brain and hormones is completely different from negative stress. Positive stress makes your brain strong and improves neuro-connections and reduces inflammation. It can, in fact, be helpful in protecting your brain health in the long term.

Ways to handle stress better

First of all you need to learn to categorize your stress instead of dumping it all in one category. You need to work towards reducing negative stress and increase the positive one. Check out the 5 steps for stress management:

1) Identify the stress – Write it down and find out the cause of the stress.

2) Classify it – Find out if it is positive stress or negative stress

3) Choose your priorities – Decide on what is within your control and what is not. It will help you in getting things sorted out.

4) Reduce negative stress – Find out how negative stress can be alleviated. Is your work life uncomfortable or are you in a toxic relationship? Explore everything and try to remove the stress triggers.

5) Increase positive stress

You can add positive stress to your life by reading a book or learning new stuff every now and then. Challenge your mind and take your mind and body to the next level. Decide on your goals in life and create mini goals to reach there.

Take home message

Positive stress protects your brain and negative stress damages it. It might be difficult avoid negative stress but it can always be managed.

Hope you now you know the Two Types of Stress and Ways of Managing Them!

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